Self-Care: Ascension Guide Part 3

Self-Care: Ascension Guide Part 3

If you’ve been following my blog recently, my last two posts dealt with ascension — the basics and its symptoms. If you haven’t read them, then check them out here and here. Now that I’ve given you the basics, we’re going to be talking about self-care for people going through the ascension process.

Here are my top tips for self-care:

  • Help yourself feel safe — Go to the doctor if you’re questioning your symptoms. Find a doctor that understands energy like a chiropractor or acupuncturist.
  • Do research for knowledge. Get to know and understand your connection to everything Quantum
  • Try the 4-7-8 breathing practice created by Dr. Andrew Weil.
    • You can also try Wim Hof’s breathwork. I’ve linked a video explaining it as well as his website.
  • Connect with other ascension or Starseed communities
    • I’m creating a Universal Community, keep an eye out for announcements!
  • Anchor yourself in gratitude, love, harmony, peace, abundance.
  • Here’s a helpful heart-brain meditation.
  • Try a daily energy practice:
    • Energy Medicine
    • Check out Donna Eden’s energy medicine training
    • Move your body, sleep, hydrate, clear/disconnect your energy
    • Connect with nature and the universal energies
    • Here’s a link for Chakra opening/clearing/balancing
  • Listen to your intuition expanding. This is a great time to practice using it.
  • Do your inner work with what shows up! Try to fall in love and deeply care for yourself and your fears, relationships, limiting beliefs
  • Try to connect with friends in person
  • Meditate! Here is a good one.
  • Follow your passions and callings
  • Do things that bring you pleasure
  • Learn and grow
  • Remove what isn’t working and stop tolerating what isn’t aligned with your (or humanity’s!) highest good
  • Experience new things–novelty is incredibly helpful.

I hope some of these ascension self-care tips helped, and that you’ve enjoyed my three-part series on ascension. Please let me know if you have any questions or anything I can help you with — and above all else, know that if you’re going through this intimidating process, you aren’t alone.

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