Ascension 101: Ascension Guide Part 1

Ascension 101: Ascension Guide Part 1

Welcome to Ascension 101! If you’re here you may be wondering: What is ascension?

Ascension involves the acceleration of vibrational energy and the expansion of awareness, which creates a shift in consciousness. It describes the shift in a life system moving from one energetic state to a different and higher energetic state. Essentially, it as an evolution towards our highest selves. If it’s easier, you can think of it as a shift from 3D to 5D or from AM to FM on a radio.

One of the biggest things you begin to understand during ascension is that everything is energy. All the life around us is just an intermingling of different energies. Ascension allows you to tune into those energies at a higher frequency, gaining a stronger conscious understanding of what feels “good” and “bad.”

What types of energies are we tuning into?

  • Cosmic energies
  • Solar energy
  • Celestial bodies
  • Mother Earth
  • Astronomical events — Eclipses and solstices in particular
  • The continuous shifts of our different chakras
  • Our environments — The people and things around us, as well as our resistance to change, can strongly affect what symptoms occur.

No two ascensions are the same. People may share symptoms, but each process is individual and unique to the person going through it. Therefore, every person has their own inner work that they need to go through in order to evolve. This occurs because being at a different frequency means that internal changes are inevitable. These will often relate to how you see and relate to others. In addition, anything you’ve been repressing will likely show itself.

Ascension symptoms occur on a physical and mental level, as well as a conscious and subconscious level. Imagine your old patterns and beliefs existing at a denser vibration. As we ascend, we move towards a lighter vibration. This means we have to target dark, denser thoughts: How do we perceive the world as being unsafe? In what ways are we not receiving unconditional love, or do we not believe we are valuable?

Going in and releasing the heavy energy and trauma that has been holding you down is the biggest aspect of the inner work you need to do to increase your vibration.

This work can be overwhelming, and can sometimes last for years. But throughout it all, you will always be rising, and there will always be benefits that come from it.

Often, an external event will occur that causes our consciousness to shift towards a higher frequency, whether it’s an illness, an argument, a breakup, a new relationship, starting therapy, etc. The symptoms of ascension can come and go, and during some periods you’ll find you may have more symptoms than during others. One of the biggest side effects of ascension is when you begin to make clear choices for yourself.

You begin to choose where you want to be and how you want to show up in the world.

As you begin to make these choices and live in your higher energy, you will often find support from others there as well.

Not everyone chooses to go through this process, and that’s okay. It’s a chosen journey. Not everyone is waking up, and not everyone understands what we’re going through. But you’re here living your mission, and that is what matters the most. Above all else, ascension involves learning what an incredible soul you are and learning how to take care of yourself. 🙂

If you can identify what I’m talking about and enjoyed my Ascension 101 article, please check out the next part in the series! — Ascencion Guide Part Two: Symptoms, or Ascension Guide Part Three: Self Care.

And don’t forget to check out my youtube channel, the rest of my website, my HSP podcast, and my online class to help you manifest the life you deserve! I also have a page filled with free resources and videos to help you deal with any of the overwhelm daily life and ascension can cause.



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