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Let’s look at your life as a Sensitive and Starseed and see what you want to change and how that can be accomplished. If you are feeling out of control, bored/overwhelmed with your career or relationships, struggle with anxiety, don’t feel lovable, can’t keep or make more than enough money, lack confidence –
This will be the time to get to know me and how I work and
I’ll get to know you and we’ll both see if we are a match to work together or not.

• You will become clear on your goals both short term and long term
• We’ll uncover your biggest hidden blocks holding you back
• You’ll know exactly your next step to move forward
• You will leave feeling energized, empowered and inspired

PRICE: Free of charge
Claim your session Now by calling me for an appointment at (805) 883-8598


Life Coaching and Ascension Guide packages include:

  1. Weekly 60-minute Zoom sessions or in person
  2. In-depth Discovery Questionnaire
  3. Support in between sessions so you can practice while life is happening
  4. Recorded sessions for your own review and access
  5. Transformational Homework assignments
  6. Customized meditations, visualizations, healing energy work
  7. Resources and tools determined by your needs and growth requirements.
  8. Clearing, Reprogramming, Grounding, and Up-leveling of energy

Help: Single session 90 min. session $200

Awakening: 3 Month Package $1800, @$150 session

Higher Dimensional Living: 6 Month Package $3000, @$125 session

Higher Dimensional Leadership: 9 Month Package $3600, @$100 session

All packages are customized to meet your needs.
Sliding scale available.

Call Marilyn at (805) 883-8598 to schedule your session now or ask questions

Your Life Vision for Sensitives: An Online Course to Design a Life That Really Matters to You and Strategies to Make it a Reality


An Online Course to Design a Meaningful and Love Filled Life That You Were Born To Live! Discover what matters the most to you in living your life by taking a deep conscious dive into 14 areas of your life and design a plan to live that extraordinary life.


Take The Passion Test

The Passion Test is a simple, yet profound process for clarifying what’s really important to you at this time in your life. It gives you insight into what is missing in your life and what living a life you love would look like. It exposes an expanded life with joy, happiness, meaning, and fulfillment.

When you are aligned with your passions you will feel expanded and excited. Passions are about how you can best live your life. They compel you to fulfill your purpose in life.

Your passions will draw you naturally along your path of purpose, because you find happiness, joy and nourishment in those activities. So, if you are not pursuing your passions, you are not going to be happy for long. When you progress and evolve you experience, joy, vitality and health.

3 hours which can be broken up to 2x 1 1/2 hours sessions over Skype, Phone or in person.

Uncover Your Money Blocks and Start Clearing Them NOW!

Pay off your debt, start saving and make more money!

Discover what is holding you back from making more money, saving money and causing you embarrassment, anxiety and worry.
Your ongoing money challenges will continue to add stress and anxiety to your life until you reveal and remove what
is unconsciously keeping you from having more than enough money and feeling good about yourself. 

This money coaching package is your personal money map that will uncover your subconscious money blocks
and habitual actions connection with your savings, debt, income, income goals and toxic money.

In two 90-minute intensive exploratory sessions and a 60-minute follow-up session you will find out how each of the money areas are mapped out in your nervous system as blocks to creating more wealth, creativity, and life force energy.

  • You will uncover your unconscious limiting money programming and beliefs from your family and circumstances in your life 
  • You will greatly lower or remove your stress levels and triggers around money
  • You will find solutions to pay down your debt and be able to make more money and keep it
  • You will get an overview how to make and attract more money into your life
  • You will create your version of a fulfilling abundant lifestyle
  • You will leave with a powerful map of steps to create a brand new energy, mindset and actions for personal and business wealth & success

Want more information? Money Map

Take Action to stop your stress and struggle now by calling(805) 883-8598

Price $350         Life Game Changer        


12-Week Higher Dimensional Living Course

Click on the button to learn more about my 12-week, live and online course that helps Sensitives and Starseeds live their potential feeling love, joy and freedom. Everything you need to know about the course and to up-level your life is a click away.

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