Highly Sensitive Interns Ida and Kaitlyn

My Vision:

I envision a world where divine consciousness, unconditional love, creative freedom and peace are the inspiration for the future of our world and humanity. The Sensitives and Starseeds, who have volunteered to help humanity at this important time in history are awakening and evolving consciously, positively influencing the environments around them to do the same, creating a United World in Peace with Respect for ALL.

My Mission:

I guide Sensitives and Starseeds leaders, innovators, pioneers, light workers, creatives and healers…who are here to help humanity, evolve into their higher consciousness and powers. Through education, coaching, meditation, energy healing tools and embodiment I guide them to remove their limiting programming revealing who they really are and  reset their mind, body and spirit frequencies to create what they came to earth to experience in alignment with their Souls.

Our World Needs You and YOUR HIGHER KNOWLEDGE right now!

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Complimentary 60 Minute Discovery Session

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Personal and Professional Coaching Packages

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Higher Dimensional Living 12 week, Sensitive & Starseed Membership, Your Life Vision, Money Map

Are You Highly Sensitive and a Starseed?

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Learn your Superpowers and why the world needs you now.

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T: (805) 883-8598

E: Coachmarilyn1@gmail.com

Millennials and Money Cafe

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Millennials and Money Cafe

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Childhood Programming FREE Class!

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Healing Energy Methods to Counter Fears

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