Are We In A Spiritual Awakening and 5 Guidance Tips

Are We In A Spiritual Awakening and 5 Guidance Tips

Deepak Chopra defines awakening as you are no longer living in a dream world where you filter everything through your ego. Instead, you have an awareness of your individual self and your connection to everything else.

Learn what spiritual awakening looks like and how to manage it for the greatest ease. Awakening can feel confusing and scary until you understand what is happening and that it is a natural evolution. Then add ascension symptoms to that and it feels like you and your life is falling apart. You are shifting and creating a life that matters to you. Awakening is essential for your ascension process.


What is Spiritual Awakening and 5 Guidance Tips
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BUT YOU’RE NOT FALLING APART!!! You’re becoming the “true you” and “more authentically you”, by letting go and transforming what others have programmed you to be as a child….and what you came to believe is YOU. It is now time for you to become accountable for YOU and our world’s future.

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What you can do to assist your awakening:

  1. Look for your patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting.
    What are you doing automatically without making a conscious choice?
  2. How are your relationships? Isolating, unhealthy, don’t relate, not understood…
    Where have you not loved yourself and given your power away?
    How can you open your heart and feel more compassion, gratitude, deep caring or appreciation for yourself and others?
  3. Make time to be quiet, meditate, be in nature, to feel your connection to yourself, your guides and Superconscious, Divine Mother and Father, Gaia, quantum field and allow intuition to flow in.
  4. Pay attention to and grow your intuition.
  5. Notice where you are judging yourself and others and stop.


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