Childhood Programming FREE Class!

Childhood Programming FREE Class!

Are you curious as to how your childhood affects your life right now?

I have created a FREE class that teaches you about the connection between your childhood and your life today. Learn how your childhood programming (aka, beliefs placed in you by others) is running your life and what you need to do to change it. With illustrations, I explain the development of your emotions, habits, beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions during childhood. These all turn into your subconscious programming, which then becomes the unstable and limiting foundation of your current life. If you have not changed your childhood programming then you are living it as an adult — that is why things aren’t working out. This can lead to having a very limited and negative perspective of who you are that is holding you back from being your authentic, magnificent self.

Check out the class below!

If you like my class, check out my Higher Dimension Living class, starting April 1st! Learn how to navigate your life through ascension, discover and target your limiting beliefs, and fill your life with love! Details here.

Feel free to check out my Youtube channel, my podcasts (here and here,) and my other classes.

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