Essential Self-Care for Sensitives During A Crisis

Essential Self-Care for Sensitives During A Crisis

Times of crisis can be stressful for everyone, especially highly-sensitive empaths who pick up on the collective emotions around them. There has been a lot more sadness, angst, and overall emotional intensity in the collective energy recently — I know I’ve been struggling, so I wanted to share with you some essential self-care tools I use. These will help you with staying calm, feeling empowered, and managing your mind and energy.

First of all, check-in with yourself: How are you feeling? What energies are you picking up on? What are you currently going through? Feel free to share in the comments, I would love to hear your stories.

Odds are, you probably don’t feel like yourself. Nothing is ‘normal’ right now, and that can be a big deal for sensitive, who struggle a lot with change. Even if you like alone time, this type of isolation may be triggering numerous negative emotions within yourself, leaving you feeling unhappy, exhausted, and overwhelmed. Not to mention that you’re feeling everyone else’s dense, unhappy energy after they’ve been triggered as well.

Maybe you’re in denial, or you’re feeling sad, depressed, and unstable. Perhaps you’re going through new steps of the ascension process, adding even more emotions to deal with on top of everything else.

No matter what you’re going through right now, it is ESSENTIAL that you take care of yourself. This is the time to go inward and discover yourself — you have distraction-free time now. Who are you? What is important to you?

An Important Note

Before I get into the specifics, let me just say this: Do your work first. Trust yourself. Learn how to meet your own needs. Parent your inner child, and put your attention where it is most needed. Ignoring yourself and your needs are doing a disservice to the world around you. Discern where you put your energy. Don’t spend time on social media or participate in conversations that don’t help you or make you feel worse. Virtual conversations are sneaky — be aware of how they make you feel. Be okay with being pickier — with how you spend your money, with how you think about yourself and others, and with what you believe. Do you believe things because they’re your true values, or is it your deep-rooted childhood programming? Understand that as an HSP, you have superpowers. You have gifts and talents that are needed right now — if you can claim who you are and believe in yourself, it will allow you to work with others to the best of your ability.

Okay! There are two areas I’d like to focus on: the mind and the energy.

Your Mind

An HSP’s mind is intuitive, highly creative, aware, conscientious, and aware of subtleties. This can easily lead to overwhelm, which can overload your nervous system and take you into a place of fear.

When it comes to managing your mind, keep an eye on your creativity. Don’t let it get out of hand. Having vivid imaginations can be wonderful, but it can also lead to graphic imagined scenes that drain our energy and happiness. Be aware of what you’re thinking about, and ensure that it isn’t too negative. Notice when you enter a place of fear and try to figure out what caused it. Stop interacting with that source. Instead of focusing on the negativity, focus on health, healing, and all of the goodness that has come from this situation. Focusing on the negativity will only make you feel worse.

Ways to help with this:

Meditation (here’s a great daily energy meditation!), mindfulness, laughing, gratitude, connecting with loved ones (but only the ones who feed you with positivity!), learning a new skill or hobby, art, take an online class, focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Live with intention. Try sound healing! Feel your feelings — feel your grief, your joy (it’s okay to be happy — your joy is what helps others heal), your sadness. Listen to your intuition.

Your Energy

You need to slow down. Slooooooow down. Be in the moment and listen to what your body wants to do next. This is the best way to get information from your body. Sit with your emotions and feel them deeply. Don’t try to direct them. Watch how your attention affects your energy. Clear your energy frequently. Sit in nature, stand in the Earth barefoot. Take a lot of showers. Repeat the mantra “anybody’s energy that isn’t mine, go back to your owner.” Remind yourself that you don’t have to take on the emotions you feel around you — it is not your job to process others emotions. Drink a lot of water, get a lot of sleep, and eat well. Be creative and explore novelty. Try adult coloring books. Organize different areas of your life — Think about what in your house makes you feel good. Get rid of things that don’t make you feel good! Process whatever is coming up for you. Keep your focus small, don’t focus on the world. Focus on where you are and what’s in front of you.

Your inner child is likely very triggered right now — many people don’t feel safe right now. Take the time to parent your inner child (I have great videos on how to do this here, here, and read articles about it here and here). Be an adult to your inner child, and give them what you need.

If you have any questions, if you need anything at all — please, please contact me. I am here to help.

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