Ascension Symptoms: Ascension Guide Part 2

Ascension Symptoms: Ascension Guide Part 2

If you read the first part of my ascension guide, then you’re likely here to learn more about what it means to be ascending, and how you can figure out if it’s something you’re going through.

Identifying and understanding the symptoms of ascension is incredibly helpful! See if you identify with any of the ones listed below:




  • You have an inherent “knowing” that things are different. You lose the ability to know things for certain. Sometimes this means you can feel like you’re going crazy!
  • Certain things in your life may shift suddenly from meaning a lot to meaning nothing, or vice versa.
  • Your diet and eating habits may change. You may eat more or less, and the consistency of your diet may change. Certain cravings may show up.
  • Physical aches and pains may occur. You may get tension, stiffness, or other physical discomforts.
  • Changes in vision– you may see shadows, your eyesight may get better or worse, you may see flashes of light. You may begin to see auras around people or objects.
  • You may feel differences with your heart– palpitations and flutterings are common (but make sure you monitor your health and check with your doctor!)
  • Pain or pressure around the head– migraines, sinus problems, jaw tightening, etc.
  • Stomach ailments — changes intolerances for certain types of food may occur, etc.
  • Changes in your root chakra
  • Sudden weight gain or loss
  • Experiencing more clumsiness — you may feel more out of your body than usual.
  • Feeling jittery, nervous, spacy, disoriented, and/or disorganized.
  • Audio dyslexia — words may lose their meanings or don’t seem to mean the same things that they used to. While listening to people, words may sound jumbled or disorganized.
  • Periods of excessive talking or overexplaining details.
  • Or, the opposite — periods of more silence than usual.
  • Changes in your skin — Sudden itchiness all over your body for no apparent reasons, acne, hives, cold sores, flushed face, hot flashes, bruising easily, heat rashes, etc.
  • Changes in hair texture, color, or highlights
  • Feeling unusual vibrations within the physical body — pins and needles, jabs, jolts, chills, etc.
  • Periods of sudden nervousness or anxiety that come and go out of the blue
  • Feeling drained of energy, overwhelm, sudden changes of feelings, etc.
  • Experiencing dreams or visions that can be intense or frightening — increased lucid dreaming, astral projections, etc.
  • Periods of extreme fatigue
  • Moments of memory loss that occur on and off for short periods of time
  • Changes in hearing and heightened sensitivity to sound
  • Cold and flu-like symptoms that come and go
  • Sudden and extreme changes in body temperatures


Do you identify with any of these symptoms? If so, check out part three of my Ascencion Guide, Ascencion Self-Care! And if you haven’t already, read part one, Ascension 101!

In addition, check out the rest of my website, podcast, youtube channel, and my Higher Dimensional Living online class!

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