Empath, Are You Feeling a Little Crazy?

Empath, Are You Feeling a Little Crazy?

As an empath I became overwhelmed by all tragedies that were happening in the world and around me and I lost focus on what I wanted to create instead I ending up focusing on my fears. I lost my center and grounding. I was watching the news, reading descriptions of casualties that I should have never read. I am too empathic and easily influenced with stories and visuals that make me feel as if I am there experiencing the event.  As a result I strayed from my boundaries and I started to experience physical and emotional symptoms; a spike in my blood pressure, low on and off depression, grief, odd physical sensations, fast fat gain (protection), anxiety and some sleepless nights.

Besides my own wobble out of alignment, I also felt an intensification in the energies around me; other people’s fears and anxieties, world and national chaos, lots of uncertainty, anger, solar activities, and Ascention (5D) transforming energies impacted me. It was a little crazy making.

Always when I start feeling out of wack I start calling friends who are energy aware to see what their experiencing. It makes me feel not alone when I discover they too have been struggling more than usual and feeling a little crazy too.

So I hope if you’ve been feeling a little crazy and out of it this will help you to not feel alone and give you some ways to come back into alignment with your energy and focus them in the direction that leads you to your natural well-being and empowerment.

Not to spend too much time focused on the ills of losing your balance or desired life focus, I will share a quick overview of some of the symptoms you may experience from being an empath without boundaries; feeling anxiety, judgmental, agitation, sleeplessness, weight gain, grief, depression (you don’t normally get depressed), feel like you are on high alert of danger (PTSD), unusual pains or physical sensations, loss of interest in what you were working on, a little crazy, emotionally full=can’t take in any more, loss of focus…etc.

What I’m learning from all this is how to create a stronger (mind, body and spirit) energetic ME in order to not be over powered by whats happening around me and in the world. Thats what I will share with you today!
We’re having to realign ourselves with new energies in a transforming world and expanding Universe. Like any other new skill we learn it takes practice and awareness to master it.

Watch the video below Empaths, Are You Feeling a Little Crazy and then use the inner child meditation and How to feel safe in my body tapping video as a resource for your inner work.



Self-Care Notes:

Pull your energy back from being scattered all over the place and focus on meeting your needs right now.

Do the deep core work that will help you feel SAFE and TRUST yourself.

Feel more love than fear.

Practice energy medicine to help keep your physical energies aligned. (ex: Donna Eden)


Express yourself. (art, music, dance, acting, writing, …)

Spend time in nature and with animals.

Set healthy boundaries and expectations – (say “NO” and mean it…).

Clear out the old energy (beliefs, actions, clutter) to make room for the new energy (love, ease…) coming in.

Receive bodywork. (massage, acupuncture, chiropractic,…)

Connect with friends, family or Tribe that gets you.

**Do what raises your energy and let go of what no longer is aligned with how you want to feel.**



Heal Your Inner Child Meditation

Violet Flame Mantra

1st say, “I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of all Humanity.”

Repeat 3x–> Transmute, transmute by the Violet Fire all causes and cores not of God’s desire. I AM a Being of Cause alone; that Cause is Love, the Sacred Tone.
Repeat this mantra as many times as feels good to you through out the day, every day.

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