Our Bodies Are Changing To Be In A New Energy

Our Bodies Are Changing To Be In A New Energy
Did you know your body is restructuring to be in a new energy?


You might not have this knowledge, but you’ve been experiencing more sensitivity than usual or feeling odd physical sensations or you’re feeling like you’re going a little crazy.


I want you to know you are not alone!


People all over the world are in the process of creating a new relationship with their physical bodies in order to have a better relationship with their innate energy. As a consequence of this change we can experience a variety of physical, mental and emotional symptoms that may feel uncomfortable and unusual that concern you.

I share information in the VIDEO BELOW and if you want some resources look below the video.



Some Symptoms:

illness, eye problems, headaches, throat problems, neck and shoulder problems, a wide range of feelings coming and going, loss of interest in relationships or experiences for no reason, vivid dreams,
mental and emotional releases, weight gain…

A few Resources to learn about new energy or 5D.

What is channeling?

Kyron – Channeled 24 years

Gregg Braden – Scientist
This is an excellent series https://www.gaia.com/series/missing-links

Rebecca Dawson- Channeler 20 years
I recommend reading her book The New Human Experience.
Look for her Santa Barbara Channel Session or any of her lastest channels.

Please share any of your resources and share with the people around you so we can support each other.

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