7 Signs that YOU Are a Starseed!

7 Signs that YOU Are a Starseed!

Are you a Starseed? A Starseed is a person who is here to help change the current stagnant systems on our planet and to bring more love and light into our world. Starseeds were originally souls from other planets and stars and chose to come to Earth in order to help humanity and Mother Earth survive and thrive.

Here are seven signs that you are a starseed:

  1. Earth does not feel like home. Starseeds often feel different, weird, or eccentric, and judge yourselves for those deficiencies. You feel like you don’t belong. You may try to fit in, but it often just leads to unhappiness and depression. You feel ungrounded and do not feel that Earth is your home.
  2. You are highly sensitive. You may have an aversion to bright or unnatural lights, loud noises, and chaos. You are naturally psychic and empathic, to the point where you can feel energies and can read people easily. You often feel the thoughts and feelings of other people and because of this, you likely don’t enjoy going out or being in crowds of people you don’t know. You are also sensitive to drugs and alcohol, even if it’s over the counter. (Take the test here to learn if you’re an HSP.)
  3. You are cast as the black sheep in the family. Starseeds often believe and act in a way that is different from the rest of your family. You can’t understand why it is that they believe what they do, and often express the emotions that the family either can’t express themselves or actively avoid. You help the family heal, even though you often feel rejected by them and feel that they do not understand you.
  4. You have a specific kind of intelligence. Starseeds are highly intuitive and creative, and more right-brained than left. However, your intelligence comes from an ability to synergize left and right brain thinking, making you imaginative and logical at the same time. You are solution-focused, futuristic, and visionary. You don’t need to work things out in conventional ways — you often just know things. You likely feel a strong personal mission, even if you do not know what it is.
  5. You are drawn to exploring alternative lifestyles. Starseeds are often drawn to yoga, martial arts, other healthy ways of eating– you are open to anything that is innovative in health. You are looking for the best methods to be the healthiest you can be– whatever is the fastest, deepest, and longest-lasting. You often feel the urge to explore and create communities and to travel to explore other ways of living rather than joining the rat race. Doing work that you love is very important to you, as you are incapable of doing boring, mundane jobs.
  6. You are drawn to cutting-edge spirituality. Starseeds will avoid authoritarian religions, spiritual groups, or gurus that try to overly-influence your spiritual direction. You feel drawn to search out the missing elements of spiritual teachings that are not found in religions and seek out parallels between them in order to find common underlying, unifying principles. You feel a strong connection to nature, which you find healing and restorative. You have a natural connection to spirit guides and angelic forces and are likely naturally drawn to energy healing work. You may feel different forms of light magic, are attracted to new age spirituality, and are attracted to the stars and feel an inner calling or connection to the cosmos.
  7. You are a manifetsor of unity-consciousness. This applies once you have woken up from your 3D dualistic living. When this happens, you naturally feel connected to your higher self and all of the frequencies present in the universe. You feel there are unseen hands guiding your path and feel connected to the myriad of angels around you. You know how to create or magnetize your reality. You are drawn to the law of attraction, and understand that reality is more fluid than most people realize. You feel that the world is increasingly dream-like and experience that energy can be shifted and transformed through intention, focus, and imagination. You may be drawn to work with rituals, sounds, and symbols to manifest what you want. You may somehow know that the laws of this 3D world can sometimes be bent and transcended. You experience many synchronicities and miracles in your life.

Starseeds are light works, healer, Earth workers, bodyworkers, technical innovators, system-busters, and dark arts practitioners. You are the soul awakeners! They are all around you in all walks of life waking up and serving you.

If you relate to these signs, here are some further resources to help you along your journey:

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