Are You a Starseed Pioneer for Humanity?

Are You a Starseed Pioneer for Humanity?

A Starseed Pioneer is someone who goes into new territory to find information that serves others and bring it back to them. As a pioneer you are seeking valuable information that will better people’s lives and/or mother earth. You are not a follower, you are an independent thinker and explorer. You are usually mentored by other Pioneers out in front of you learning and combining information.

Are You a Starseed Pioneer for Humanity?

Ways to know if YOU are a Starseed Pioneer!

  • From a young age, you were fascinated with a subject that you instinctively pursued because you thought it would be valuable information.
  • You are not a follower. You like to lead your own movement, exploration, adventure, research…and not be constrained by anyones else beliefs.
  • Influencer, Innovator, Healer, Creative and Leader…people follow and trust you.
  • You are drawn to share your finding with others to better humanity or the planet.
  • You can feel misunderstood and lonely — the majority of the population is not interested or understands your interests until it becomes common knowledge, as you are ahead of the times.
  • You can’t stop yourself from pioneering. Your instincts and seeking are too strong.

If you read these and feel that you are a Starseed Pioneer, know that you are not alone. There is a community of people out there looking for you — starting with me!

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