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7 Signs that YOU Are a Starseed!

Posted by on Feb 19, 2020 | Comments Off on 7 Signs that YOU Are a Starseed!

7 Signs that YOU Are a Starseed!

Are you a Starseed? A Starseed is a person who is here to help change the current stagnant systems on our planet and to bring more love and light into our world. Starseeds were originally souls from other planets and stars and chose to come to Earth in order to help humanity and Mother Earth survive and thrive. Here are seven signs that you are a starseed: Earth does not feel like home. Starseeds often feel different, weird, or eccentric, and judge yourselves for those deficiencies. You feel like you don’t belong. You may try to fit in, but it often just leads to unhappiness and...

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