Intuition, Your Higher Intelligence

Intuition, Your Higher Intelligence

Are you using your intuition as a tool of higher intelligence to help you create your life? Did you know it is one of your superpowers and it leverages your ability to feel joy and fulfillment through the process of living your life?

  • Do you know how to tap into your intuition?
  • Do you know how your intuition can serve you?
  • Do you know the difference between your 3D thoughts and intuition?
  • Do you trust your intuition?
  • Do you know what keeps you from using your intuition?
  • Do you know how to strengthen your intuition?
    All the answers are below.

Intuition is a feeling, a knowing, a message or signal from Source/God/Unified Field directing you with its intelligence. Your intuition is subtle energy and requires you to quiet the old stories (shoulds, rules, other peoples perceptions, or past experiences). You’re tuning into your intuition and allowing new information to come through into your awareness in order to guide you beyond your current knowledge and understanding.

How does intuition serve you?

  • You become so tuned into your environment that you begin to flow in your life
  • Attracts solutions to problems
  • Helps you to see smart business choices
  • It allows you to fulfill your purpose
  • Helps you build relationships you can trust
  • Leads you to your passions and the flow of living them
  • Connects you to your feelings and trusting yourself more than anyone else
  • Leads to innovations and creativity
  • Leads you to healing opportunities and tools
  • Keeps you safe and healthy

In the video below I’m going to share with you how my intuition has helped me manifest my life and how it is essential for you to be in the flow of your life rather than struggling, guessing and missing opportunities.


We are not in touch with how we know things anymore,
we’re focused on the world we’ve made.
~ Marti Spiegelman, MFA and Shaman

What’s keeping YOU from using your intuition?

First, our culture in the US and other bustling cities around the world, have put more value on left brain, linear, and rational thinking.  We are taught what we can’t see is not real, only those things that can be measured and quantified matter. WRONG!

We have been brainwashed to value our thinking over our feelings which is limiting our view of the bigger picture of life and possibilities.

Second, too much noise and distractions are blocking our connection to intuition. When we are constantly having to be entertained by some sort of stimulation like YouTube, social media, selfies, TV, movies, music, video-games..etc we lose our connection with ourselves and nature. Daily noise and distractions suck away our time and ability to use our sixth sense and tap into deeper wisdom.

How to strengthen your intuition? Use it.

  • Meditation, quieting your conditioned thoughts and listening to intelligent thoughts.
  • Listen to it to find parking places
  • Ask questions and listen to answers and then take action (discover, research, weight the information…)
  • Play guessing number games
  • Tune in to whose calling without looking at your phone
  • Listen to your body and give it precedence over your ego and thinking mind
  • Observe nature and see if you can find meaning or see patterns in the actions happening around you and note if they hold information for you.

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