Intuition, Your Internal Guidance System

Intuition, Your Internal Guidance System


As a highly sensitive,  one of your superpowers is your greater awareness of subtleties in the environment and this tends to make you more intuitive. Being intuitive means you pick up and work through information in a semiconscious or unconscious way. Intuition feels like a “KNOWING ” without knowing how you know.

It’s in your sensitive nature to deeply process information which leads you to look into the past and future to see why things are the way they are or what needs to change to work out in the future.


Think of your intuition as your internal guidance system and it comes to you in many ways; gut feelings, dreams, a sense of knowing, energetic guidance, images, voices, signs from our environment, notions from other people.
By observing this great source of information you will strengthen your ability to make better choices decisions in your life and business.


Intuitive HSP are visionaries, artists, inventors, scientist, leaders, teachers, coaches, therapist, musicians, actors, problem solvers, shamans, poets, healers, and philosophers.


You may use your intuition regularly without recognizing it.  You might have a knowing or a hunch about something that is going to happen in your life. A knowing might be, you think about talking with your mother on the phone and she calls.  Intuitions will guide you to important people in your life. You can be compelled to attend a party where you meet your life partner or you sit near someone at a meeting that has similar interests as you,
and together you begin envisioning a new business.

We can sense danger or safety on a conscious and unconscious level. HSPs are wired to intuitively pick up fear, danger, or lack, just like animals sense fear.
Have you ever had a hunch to take a different route home only to find out you missed being in a huge accident on your regular route?

how to grow your intuition

Intuition is something you are all born with, but you may not have been encouraged to use it.  The good news is, today intuition is recognized as a powerful tool that is essential for guiding you both professionally and personally in the right direction. Successful leaders and entrepreneurs trust their intuition. Richard Branson says he knows within 15 seconds of meeting someone if they will work for him.
With a daily practice, you can strengthen and learn to trust your intuition.

How to grow your intuition?

  • Notice how your intuition shows up for you; audio, physical sensations, a knowing, a vision/dream, nature signs…
  • Ask for guidance; “Show me the way”, “What else do I need to know”, “What is the next step”… about everything you don’t have an immediate answer for.
  • Learn to listen/watch for your answers and then act on the guidance
  • Practice being in the present moment, that is where you get downloads of information-intuitive hits.
  • Play guessing games, like who is calling or what number is someone thinking
  • Listen to your body and give it precedence over your ego and thinking mind
  • Listen to nature. What are you being shown or guided to experience? How does it relate to a challenge or idea you were experiencing before?
  • Pay attention to your dreams
  • Create an intuition journal to keep track of your guidance to be your proof it is working.

How have you used your intuition personally or professionally?

Has your intuition saved you from danger, bad relationships or served you to find your Honey?

Please share one of your experiences with us!


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