Healing Energy Methods to Counter Fears

Healing Energy Methods to Counter Fears

As empaths, we respond emotionally and/or physically to the vibrations around us. Recently, our world has filled with fear, and it’s important for us to clear/heal our energies frequently and practice self-care in order to maintain our well-being. We have to ensure that not only are we not picking up on the recent panic that’s been spreading recently but that we’re not adding to it as well. This time brings excellent opportunities for growth and practice, allowing us to learn how to feel other vibrations without taking them on as our own. Remember: it is NOT your job to take on others’ energies as your own.

In the video below, I will guide you through an energy-clearing exercise, and then I will help you target any of your recent fears that have been triggered. Finally, I will help you to empower yourself and boost your energy!

Remember: put your oxygen mask on first. Healing your energy first, so that you can then focus on the people around you. Focus on finding your safety and comfort and filling your heart with love and light.

In addition, read my article “How Empaths Find Balance in Chaos”  for additional knowledge and inspiration for healing your energy.

Watch the video here:

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