How Empaths Find Balance in Chaos

How Empaths Find Balance in Chaos

Empaths Find Balance in Chaos when they learn to set healthy boundaries and practice vigilant self-care.
It’s not easy for them to do this when they have been trained to put others before themselves, stuff their feelings, and they don’t know what it means to have healthy boundaries when they experience so much pain and disruption around them. In this vlog below you’ll learn how you can be grounded, centered, loving, serving and still maintain your balance in the chaos of a natural disaster.




  • What does it mean to be an Empathic person? 
    Empaths are emotional sponges who absorb both the stress and joy of the world. What you pick up can be physical, emotional or both.HSP and
    empathic people are usually very nurturing and gracious helpers who care deeply for others, our planet, and animals.
    They have a tendency to put other people’s needs before their own and have little boundaries if any.
  • Highly Sensitive Empaths: 1st responders, fireman, medical teams, nurses, teachers, therapist, coaches, non-profit CEOs, volunteers, animal shelter owners, organizers, leaders…and victims of the disaster


  • Some results of picking up other people’s energy are overwhelm, feeling drained and sensory overload.


  • Empathic Health Issues
    Social Anxiety
    Adrenal Fatigue
    Autoimmune Disease
    Chronic Depression
    Physical Pain
    Compassion fatigue (overgive)
    Fat gain (energy shield/protection)


  • It’s not our job to take other people’s pain away…they need to do their work. A lot of times we want their pain to go away because we don’t want to feel it ourselves.
    So, our work is with ourselves and to support others to do their own work. Let people process their feelings and  learn how to cope with what is so
    they can see how strong, resourceful and create they are.


  • Self-care Strategies: 

Clear Other People’s Energy
Ground yourself
Set  Healthy Boundaries
Work on Your Own Issues
Healthy Nourishment
Move Your Body
Break From Social Media and News
Turn Inward and Be Quiet with Yourself
Beautify Your Environment
Receive  Body Work
Balance Chakras
Watch for Unhealthy Co-dependencies
Stay In Positive Thoughts and Feelings
Turn UP Your Light and Love

Another great resource: 


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