Get The Bug Out Of Your Childhood Programming

Get The Bug Out Of Your Childhood Programming

I thought I was unworthy, not good enough, smart enough, weak, powerless, ugly, unhappy, too little or too much, a victim, and less than because I was born female…until  someone cracked open my limited thinking and turned on the lights to show me a whole world of personal power and possibilities that were available to me that I didn’t even know existed.

I would like to be that person for you. So understand if you are reading this and drawn to the work I do, it is not by accident. You KNOW deep inside there is more to you and your life than is showing up presently and you are being guided to people who KNOW how to awaken and expand your perception of yourself and express that in the world.

I believed I was broken and my life’s work was to fix me so I was perfect, so I would be accepted and loved. I was afraid of being abandoned by those I loved because at four years old my parents divorced and I didn’t see my father again until I was thirteen. No one explained anything to me. One day he is there, there is a big fight between my mom and him and the next day he does not return home. As a creative child I came to the conclusion that something must be wrong with me that a father would leave and not support me. I also concluded that if I argue with someone close with me they will leave me.

We only know what we know! What we is not from our own experience. Our training comes from other peoples perceptions and conclusions that they put on us as children. You are  programmed  by your environment growing up and the conclusions we draw from our multitude of experiences.  You don’t know there is more to life and you until someone you trust exposes the possibilities or an experience shocks you awake like an accident or fatal illness. You don’t have to have a Mac truck hit you to experience the brilliance and worthiness your are and all that the universe offers you.

Through growing your consciousness and understanding your present childhood programming and how it runs your life habitually, you can start to take daily actions that will transform you and the result in your life.

Your present life does not determine your future! You can even change your current events in this moment by changing your thoughts, emotions and actions.  Now I understand this can sound crazy to you because it is new information and you presently have a different mindset and thinking that limits your mind from going to a more expansive place.

I invite you to open up to the possibility that there is a  BIGGER picture of yourself and life that you haven’t been focused on, yet. You haven’t been focused on it because you have been trained by others that their way is the “right way and only way.”

See if you can be curious, like a child, and let yourself wonder, is there more than what I have been taught to believe about myself and the world.  As your perception broadens, you will learn the brilliant truth about yourself and realize the  possibilities that you can create in your life and express in the world.

Stop letting your wounded inner child run your life with limited actions and fear. Stop creating your life from shame, fear, anger and overwhelm, because it just create more of the same.

You are not broken, you’ve got bugs in your childhood programming that are keeping you from happiness, success, and abundance.

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