Our Judgments Get In The Way Of Us Manifesting

Our Judgments Get In The Way Of Us Manifesting

Our judgments get in the way of us manifesting what we want.
We place an order to the Universe asking for money, a relationship, a job…
while in a high frequency state of mind. (love, excitement, happy, hopeful, gratitude…)

And then we start doubting whether it will work, or if we’re good enough to have it because it’s not happening right away.
We judge ourselves and the way it is happening or not happening at the rte we expected.

This judgement lowers our vibrational frequency and puts us in a place where we can’t receive what we requested because you we’er not energetically where we were when you requested it.

As a result, what we need to clear or work on shows up in our life, so we can clear our energetic field and lighten up to get back to the higher frequency. ( issues of abandonment, worthiness, shame, guilt, fear….) Our challenges are there to help us not deter us from our desires.

Imagine: Being really excited to meet your lover on the top floor of the Empire State Building, asking them to meet you there and then doubting whether they will like you or not and unsure if what your asked for is safe, so you then ride the elevator down to the 13th floor and wait for your lover there.

Of course they won”t show up on the 13th floor because they are on the top floor looking for you. Til you get excited to meet them again, clear you judgements and ride the elevator up to the top floor, you can’t receive them into your life.

Our energy will naturally rise and fall and we can manage it more when we make a choice to be more fully present, neutral and non-judgmental. Know that when it drops it is for our own best interest to clear the energetic clutter that’s in our way of creating a life that we love.

I’m here to help you clear any energy that is pulling your energy down and keeping you from meeting your dream.

Coach Marilyn O’Malley

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