Your Turned-On Life Adventure Movie – 5 Steps to Living a Turned-On Life


Let’s entertain the thought of creating Your Turned-On Life Adventure movie.

Most of us think of our lives as something that’s happening to us. Something that we react to, either positively or negatively, or something that feels either lucky or unlucky. But in reality, we are the ones creating our daily adventures, challenges, emotions, successes and wealth.

Living Your Turned-On Life is different than living by the seat of your pants and reacting to what feels like random circumstances. Living a turned-on life takes planning, awareness and the willingness to go where you haven’t been before. It takes the ability to count on yourself. Designing your life adventure requires you to KNOW your fears, strength, weaknesses and what turns you on and inspires you.

What does it take to create Your Turned-On Life movie?

adventure_Hiking bootsOne requirement is that you need to be able to feel your feelings, dig deep for courage, find your faith, step off the beaten path and forge your own, and are open to the mysteries of the Universe. You will have to create a conscious daily practice of making choices, surrendering and remembering who you truly are.

How exciting and adventurous does that sound? Risk, Mystery, Suspense, Action, Challenges, Miracles, Magic, Power, Struggle, Hero and Heroines, Fears, Love, Explosions, Chaos, Success, Failures, Drama, Comedy, Thrills, Orgasms, can you feel the butterflies in your stomach just reading those action words? Embrace them!

Before we begin I’d like to remind you that you are responsible for everything in this movie that has to do with YOU.

You fill the roles of the




Screenplay writer

Location Scout

Set Designer

Costume Designer



Script Editor

Film Editor

Casting Agent


Remember from last week’s article about creating your romantic comedy that as the director and producer, you will look over everything you shot each day and evaluate which scenes were good or bad, which to keep and which to mark for alternative takes. Once you have this awareness that you can look at your life and see which scenes went well, which ones to keep or which ones to re-write, you can set about changing anything you want to.

With this power to produce your movie let’s look at living Your Turned-On Life adventure movie.

Please write down all these steps and questions, and use the answers as a guide for the script.

1. Write the Script of Your Turned-On Life

(You’re giving your subconscious mind and Source/God/Universe information to  help you manifest this life)

Don’t hold back! Imagine your life as a big Hollywood movie. For the script, budget or the “How’s” are not an issue. To put the script together, you can imagine anything. Let your inspirations rise and grow as you do this exercise.

adventure_dogWrite your story from the future looking back on your life. The future can be 1-5 years out.  Or it could be after your death when you are present at your memorial hearing how you influenced the world and made a difference while you were alive.

Share your passions with no limitations. Let what inspires you come out and write it down like the powerful creator, character, star and influencer that you are.

Ask yourself many questions and be very clear when you answer them: What adventures do you go on? Is the movie one big adventure? Or do you prefer going from one adventure to another? Is your action movie about climbing mountains and taking your life to new heights or about venturing into foreign lands? Is the adventure about meeting new people or about deeply getting to know people already in your life? Are you an action hero in the movie, saving lives or an inventor, changing lives?

What do you create? How do you love? What matters to you?  What is fulfilling you to go after and conquer? Where do you live, work, study and create?  Who is with you (cast of characters.)

What do you value? Money, relationships, creativity, nature, sensitivity, curiosity, a love of children or animals, excitement, spirituality?  What are your interests?  What needs to happen in this movie for you to feel fulfilled at the end of your life?

Be as specific as you can be. Use all your senses including smell, taste, hearing, intuition, touch and sight, while you put your script together, so whoever reads the script gets a detailed picture. YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW “HOW” THINGS WILL HAPPEN, JUST PUT WHAT YOU DESIRE TO MANIFEST OUT THERE!

2. Describe your Co-Stars for Casting

Once you are clear on the direction and outcome of your movie, you can focus on the characters you need to make Your Turned-On Life movie a success.

adventure_raftingWhen you imagine the people in your adventure movie, what are their values and purpose? Are there supporting characters like mentors, teachers, coaches or parents who support you in manifesting your dreams and desires? Is there someone you want to emulate, someone you look up to, or someone who influences you?

What important characteristics do those people have to support you? Maybe they need to show you unconditional love, leadership, respect, faith and confidence in you, and they need to be good listeners, fellow adventurers, playmates, personal or professional partners.

3. Describe the Settings, Locations, and Environments  Needed for this Movie.

What environments do you need to support your growth, success, cast and crew? How can you turn it into an easy production and inspiration for you to be successful?

adventure_snowmountainThink about supporting the different aspects of yourself at home. To make the adventure movie, the star (you) might need a more stimulating work environment or more restorative home environment.

Some things to consider are places that are beautiful, peaceful, tropical, grounding, spiritual, creative, energized, challenging, romantic or sacred. What serves you in living a turned-on life?  It may be three months in one location and nine months in another location or it can be any combination that’s right for you.

Again this is Your Turned-On Life! What feeds your soul and inspires you the most?

Don’t let rules, beliefs, cultural norms or family values that aren’t yours keep you from living what would support you in positively influencing the world.

4. BE the STAR of  Your Life Adventure Movie.

What are the qualities, characteristics and attributes you desire for this lifetime role? How are you responsible for the results you want?  Are your current feelings, beliefs and habits congruent with Your Turned-On Life script?

adventure_jumpWhat do you need to grow, transform, light up, breakthrough and let go of? Be honest while you answer some very important questions for script development and for casting co-stars. Do you love yourself? What are your strengths? How can you highlight them?

Are you in alignment with your own values? Do you allow yourself to receive love, reward, pleasure, money, friendship, play, and happiness? What needs to happen to make that a priority in your life?

Identify where you need to clear up past programming, beliefs and habits that are keeping you from living a turned-on life. As you clear up this old programming, your life force energy naturally will bubble up and expand and you will feel this horniness for life. You will become more turned-on by the events, people and circumstances around you and you will light a fire of inspiration in others.


5. Action! Making the Movie a Reality.

Let whatever your source is (God, the Universe etc.) take care of the “How’s.” You are the visionary, star and ‘manifestor.’

​Let your source guide you with opportunities and intuitive hits. Your job is to follow the guidance and keep holding the big vision of Your Turned-On Life. Keep walking the journey, trusting and having faith in a power bigger than yourself to show you the way. As the producer and the director, you must hold the vision of your film strongly with powerful emotions of gratitude, love, excitement, fulfillment and meaning until Your Turned-On Life becomes a reality.

Live your life in every moment as if the movie is happening NOW and make choices from the script of the movie. Take steps and actions that are necessary to make your movie a success.

Don’t forget, your movie and life are always dynamic because of your ability to make new choices at any moment and adjust the script for better results and success.  Taking responsibility for your life and choosing to live it TURNED-ON is empowering and is your responsibility. Anything less is mediocre and not true to what you are here to fulfill.

Don’t be afraid to get dirty, juicy and messy as that is what makes for an adventurous and entertaining life.

Remember, use your voice and follow what inspires you.

Here’s to living Your Turned-On Life!

Your juicy mess,



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