Your Sensitivity Is A Gift & Valuable

Your Sensitivity Is A Gift & Valuable

Did you know that Highly Sensitives are here to help wake up the unconscious population and help humanity and the planet advance consciously for the benefit of ALL?

Highly Sensitives ability to deeply see/feel/know/process their environments allows them insights that those who are less aware don’t have. They are valuable to all communities as visionaries, healers, problem solvers, truth tellers, creatives, innovators, story tellers and leaders…

If you are a Highly Sensitive, please realize your sensitivities are a gift and serve a big purpose! Your gifts and talents are needed, desired and valuable, please attend to them.

This week, everyday, at the end of the day, write down

1.  3 ways you added value

(I listened, I made someone laugh, I created beauty)

2.  3 things you value about yourself

Watch what happens as a result.

Love for you to share a comment.


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