You Are More Than You Think

You Are More Than You Think

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Learn how to change your life from the inside out.   Creating an abundant, healthy, loving,
empowered mindset that you embody to manifest the dream life you were meant to live.

This was my first show on a radio program I had before Millennials & Money Cafe called Embodying Prosperity,
that is relevant information for you to know.

What is Prosperity?

My definition: creating an abundant, healthy, loving, empowered life your spirit desires  to live. Living your life purpose.

What do I mean by Embody?

My definition: To bring your passions, pleasures, and all expressions of your spirits desires from the inspiration down into your body and birth them into the material world.

What is Energy? 

  • Energy is neither created or destroyed
  • Energy is the cause and effect of itself,
  • Energy evenly present at all places at all times
  • Energy is in constant motion and never rests
  • Energy is forever moving from one form to another
  • Change is energy only attributeenergy boundaries
Energy is Everything, it is YOU; it is everything around your and it is your thoughts, your beliefs, the air that surrounds you and what keeps your heart working.  
Who are you?
  • You are “intelligent energy” in a formation we call body
  • You have a body and a brain
  • You have a conscious mind and a unconscious mind
  • You have infinite potential
  • You receive and broadcast energy
  • You are worthy and powerful
  • You are naturally unique and worthy

There is everything to LOVE about YOU!

For more podcasts check out Millennials and Money with Marilyn O’Malley on iTunes for more podcasts. 

Live a turned on life!


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