You Don’t Need $$$ To Start Your Grand Vision

Clever video for business starters of big ideas.

You don’t have to let any of the common start-up business excuses stop you from starting your grand vision.
Just start small creating a strong foundation and make it useful!

Start creating value for one person and let it organically grow.
One step at a time!

My coaching practice started with wanting to help people stop their suffering and
be happy and inspire them to live their passions.
I got my first client in 2002 and as I learned from them and grew my confidence I added a second one and on and on…
Today the scoop of my grand vision has grown beyond my earlier imagination as has my value.

If I hadn’t taken the step to coach one person and learn/grow from that experience,
I would just have been day-dreaming
and not living my dream!

Let your dream and your potential unfold one step at a time!


Marilyn O’Malley

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