Words of Wisdom That Could Change Your Life

Words of Wisdom That Could Change Your Life

I know that a lot of you are questioning your life and searching for answers. I thought I would share with you what I’ve learned so far in my search for life-changing wisdom. Below are my TOP 20 bits of wisdom, that had I known earlier would have greatly saved me lots of needless pain and suffering.

My reason for posting these 20 Words of Wisdom is to offer you an opportunity to find one or two statements that resonate with your heart allowing you to have a truer perception of yourself and release some needless suffering. Work on these over your life as I have been if you like, it’s very liberating.

Please read these with an open and curious mind. It took me awhile to wrap my mind around these learnings. Don’t expect you will understand all these statements without reflection and life experience. Some you may know instinctively, but life circumstances aren’t validating it. Many may have a what the “what the hell is she talking about” reaction…that’s alright. Pick out the most intriguing or triggering of them and research (live it, study, challenge…) it or ask me questions and I’ll answer what I can.

We’ve had many conditionings in our life that teach us the opposite of most of these words of wisdom. I’ve had to study, go inward and contemplate, put myself through life testing them out, and then teach others. I ask you to do the same. My hope is these words will lessen your struggle and trauma by having some of the foundational wisdom spelled out so you can cut out wasted time and energy by guessing that my mentors and teachers did for me when I was ready to learn.

These words of wisdom are not in order of importance, I think they are all important.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me questions, search my blogs or my Youtube channel for more insight.

Words of Wisdom

  1. Everyone matters, including me.
  2. Everything is energy, when I work with it I am more powerful and in the flow.
  3. We are all connected to a bigger energy than ourselves that supports us and connects us ALL to each other.
  4. Loving and deeply caring for myself is my purpose.
  5. As a highly sensitive and creative person, I serve the well-being of our planet and humanity.
  6. Self-Care is essential to living a juicy and rich life.
  7. What I put out comes back to me multiple times whether it is positive or negative.
  8. Other people problems and successes are not about me.
  9. I am not my body, thoughts or feelings.
  10. My intuition and heart (my higher self) are  my most trusted guides.
  11. Gratitude is the most powerful positive emotion.
  12. I create from the present moment, so I stopped wasting my time in the past or future.
  13. Challenges are gifts…they show me where I’m out of alignment, or allow me another opportunity to make a new choice for a new outcome…
  14. Asking for help is natural and required, not a weakness.  We’re not here to do life alone.
  15. Developing a wealth mindset serves many. A poverty mindset serves only me (my need to suffer).
  16. I’m the only one responsible for creating my life, no one else knows what I need or desire and why it’s important.
  17. I am unique, there is no one else like me, so I can stop comparing myself to others.
  18. I’ve had to get comfortable with being in the unknown and uncomfortable because consciously creating something new happens in the present energy of unknowns…
  19. I accept people for what they are and not what I want them to be…
  20. I am a powerful producer and director.

And there is so much more to learn and grow!

Please feel free to share any of your wisdom and comments below!

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Thank you!

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