3 Agreements to Produce Empowered Women Leaders

3 Agreements to Produce Empowered Women Leaders

Learn how women can empower each other and be great role models for the next generations to come,
establishing more leadership and equality.

I wrote this blog 2 years ago and I wanted to repost because it is still relevant today. I believe it is a very powerful time for women in the world and I would like all women to become more conscious about how they treat themselves and each other. Our feelings, thoughts, beliefs and actions about being a women today influences the young people around us.  If we want a different world where there is more equality and opportunities for women to lead and create then the change begins with us and how we express ourselves, treat and regard other women and young girls.


Watch the video below where I share with you the 3 Agreements to Produce Empowered Women.


Paying attention to our words, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions is very important not only for our own healing but also for humanity and the planet’s healing. Our greatest gift to humanity is to do our own inner work, discovering the limiting beliefs that keep us from showing up as vulnerable, capable, free and unlimited women rather than pointing our fingers at all the men and injustice in our life. Until we take responsibility for how we are showing up in our lives we won’t feel empowered to be leaders, creators and ourselves. It is time to embrace what we really desire and work together supporting each other. 

Will you join me to positively transform our world from your feminine.


Why would a women become masculine or act like a man? Because she saw men had more freedom than their mothers. They’ve related being feminine with weakness, lack of freedom, unsafe and sought to have different outcomes than the women they grew up around, so they choose to ack and behave like the boys. The problem with this is that women that deny their feminine qualities can’t be their authentic self. A women acting like a strong man, neither feels safe or empowered. She never feels complete or good enough, because she is making the masculine more valuable than feminine. She spends her time competing with other women for the masculine perspective of limited resources and control, which is not her true desire. She ends up not trusting herself or anyone else. 


Every female has an impact on the healing and uplifting of this planet.


Empowering each other with your words, thoughts, feelings and actions will support the loving, freeing and healing transformation taking place in the world right now and still to come. It is wonderful to see women taking a stand for what is right for all not one. To be courageous and gather together to support what one can’t do on her own, but many can accomplish together is transformative. Women are so much more powerful than they can imagine because their beliefs and childhood conditionings have held them back. Not any more…change our beliefs about what is possible and we change our world and positively impact humanity!

However we choose to live our life impacts everyone around us and around the world. Women Matter! With inspired intentions and actions we expand opportunities up-lifting women, men and children around the world and create change that serve the highest good for all.

SuperPower Highly Sensitive

As you shine your light and brilliance you allow other women to be their honest, empowered and vulnerable.

Here are 3 agreements to empower yourself and other women to become natural authentic leaders and creators. 

Please Share “ah-ha” moments and any comments in the section below.



3 Agreements that Produce Empowered Women 

I respect myself and others.

I honor and celebrate my feminine! 

I take responsibility for creating my life!


Feminine Traits

Creative, Receptivity, Empathy, Radiance, Flow, Sensuality, Nurturing, Affection, Sharing, Patience, Loving, Expressive, Intuitive, Thoughtfulness, Beauty, Vulnerability, Intuition, Patience, Patience, Successful, Passionate, Collaborator, Gather

Masculine Traits

Freedom, Direct, Logical, Stability, Passionate, Independent, Discipline, Confidence, Aware, Strenght, Strong, Successful, Driven, Competitive, Breadwinner, Protector, Aggressive, Assertive, Sexual, Faithful, Dependable, Kind, Moral Integrity, Fatherly, Sense of Humor, Intelligent

Next Action to take:

Create a daily practice to nurture your feminine, respect yourself and others and take responsibility for your life!

Shifting even one of these areas of your life will create major transformation over time. Please know that you are worth all the effort it takes to make these changes and that you are not only helping yourself, you are helping other women, your family and humanity.

If you feel inspired please spread this idea and message.

Love, Live, Matter

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