Why should I Ground Myself? – Health Benefits & More

Why should I Ground Myself? – Health Benefits & More

Grounding yourself is key to being a highly effective leader and for manifesting a healthy, wealthy and fulfilling life. So grounding really is a very important topic that you will see me talk and write about frequently.

To manifest on this planet you must be energetically in touch with your body and feel you feelings to know your needs, desires, heal and to live your purpose. Read there the Huge Benefits for Grounding Yourself.

To be grounded means that you are aware of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual connections. You are conscious of what is going on within and around you. You are consciously present and in the flow. When you are grounded, you are present in the moment, calm, fearless, ready for action, empowered and clear. You are not thrown off balance by the events and circumstances of the day.


Problems associated with being ungrounded

Ungrounded people feel unfocused, spacey, and are out of touch with their own needs and feelings. When I am ungrounded, I feel wishy-washy, unsure of my wants and needs and I’m more outward focused, judging and reacting to what shows up.  You can learn a lot about how energy works and energy from others can infiltrate your own energy from this short excerpt from John Assaraf’s “Why You Should Be Aware of Quantum Physics.”

When you are ungrounded you are less able to deal with stress and everyday realities, maintain healthy boundaries and think with a clear head.  You are more vulnerable to outside influences and other people’s opinions and beliefs.  You find it hard to separate your feels from other’s feelings since you are not in touch with your own.

  • Foot, ankle, leg problems
  • Clumsy and always bumping into things or falling
  • Trouble communicating feelings and who you are
  • Adrenal problems from so much fight or flight stress reactions
  • Weight issues (holding weight to feel safe, unconscious eating, eating to stuff feelings…)
  • Avoidance issues (scatter brain, air head…)
  • Avoidance of past family issues (We need to feel to heal)
  • Addictions
  • Anxiety, spinning thoughts
  • Depression, isolated, feeling alone and disconnected from others
  • Be taken for granted, not seen or heard, not valued, our feelings are discounted
  • Feel unsafe
  • Compulsive
  • Co-dependence
  • Unhealthy physically, mentally, or spiritually

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Benefits of Being Grounded

The more grounded you are the more you are empowered to feel. Grounding gets you into a state of feeling stable, present, supported, strong, and focused.

Grounding allows you to tap into the energy of the earth. The earth is a power source for receiving energetic nourishment and support.  When grounded you can release waste that has collected in your energetic systems throughout your day or over your lifetime.  This energetic clutter comes from being around people, electronics, past life karmic issues, traumas, events, the collective consciousness, your beliefs, and challenges, etc.  Click here to learn how to “Clear Your Energetic Clutter.

Being grounded makes your life easier because you are in your body and available to feel your feelings and experience what is going on around you. You are connected to information that can help you make better decisions through your intuition and reveal possibilities that you can’t conceive of when you are out of body. This cuts down on your daily stress making you more able to cope with everyday challenges and even limit them.

How to ground your energy:

  • Be in nature, bare footed, lay on sand or grass for 20 minutes or more, garden, hug a tree or sit beneath it…
  • Move your body, exercise, swim, hike, bike, run, dance, play a sport
  • Listen to sound meditations
  • Breathe; your body likes lots of oxygen, we don’t breathe enough
  • Use guided visualization or your own; imagine roots growing deep into the earth from the bottoms of your feet as the trunk of the tree grows up your legs and spine and out the top of your head and the leaves and branches expand taking in energy from this moment and Source,
  • Drop your attention to your lower chakras and feel into the energy there
  • Have sex
  • Hula hoop
  • Play with animals and children…

Want a more scientific approach to the benefits of grounding yourself?  In 2012 the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health published an article on the discovery of health benefits through grounding (or earthing) that goes as far as stating grounding as a modality of significant clinical importance. “Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons.”

Here is a tapping video to ground your energy. https://youtu.be/AwQzWXjmsMM

To living a grounded & turned ON life!


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