Who is Running Your Life? Technology Addiction or YOU

Who is Running Your Life? Technology Addiction or YOU
Answer these questions?
  1. Can I stay focused on my work or am I easily distracted by my phone and/or social media? Am I accomplishing what I want to do or be?
  2. Can I be without my phone and social media for 5 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours…?
  3. Do I have a life beyond my phone and social media?
  4. Do I feel comfortable having deep and meaningful conversations with friends and family in person or are we on our phones?



Phone and social media addiction (addiction=something that controls you and you can’t-do without) is one of the most common blocks to millennial personal and professional development, success, and happiness. This is a major problem because it impacts you negatively. For example, you can become unfocused, anxious, ADD, overstimulated, overwhelmed, scattered, fearful, FOMO focused, emotionally unstable, stressed and ungrounded. And it can cause very serious health issues (see below EMF radiation for details).

I’m bringing this issue into the light for you to look at and consider whether it is working for or against you. I really care about you! Your phone and social media companies have marketed to you to think they’re your friends and you can’t live your best life without them. That is not true or healthy. You are $$$ to them. You’ve been marketed to from a young age with these tools and like a family member, you have learned to unconsciously trust and depend on them. But are they really serving you and making your life better or are they adding stress and disease into your life?

As we grow up and mature our job is to start questioning other people’s direction and to discover our own truths.

As we grow up and mature our job is to start questioning other people’s direction and to discover our own truths. Your job is to become the best you and I’ll tickling you with these questions so you will start to think and make decisions that are for your OWN GOOD and not what you’ve been conditioned to believe.

Please watch the video if you found it helpful pass it on and I’d love to hear your feedback. And know it’s not easy breaking an addiction or bad habits, but one step and one day at a time will transform your life. I give you steps to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE with these powerful tools.

In this video I will share with you 3 important messages:

  1. Your phone and social media are TIME SUCKERS and keeping you from doing what you are here to do/be!
  2. Your phone and social media are tools, they’re not friends. You’re being marketed to believe they are more than TOOLS.
  3. Your phone, laptop, and social media are DANGEROUS for your well-being.



What is EMF Radiation?

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) and Dirty Electricity is a pandemic harmful to the health and the well-being of you and your family. Over 2,000 scientific studies have been published documenting the destructive effects of man-made EMFs on our health. Much of this information has been ignored by our government and suppressed by the telecommunications industry.

Man-made EMF Radiation is comprised of energy vibrating at various rates from a single vibration per second to billions of vibrations per second. The vibrations often become interrupted resulting in frequency variations that surge or spike which is very stressful to our bodies at the cellular and DNA level. Prolonged stress greatly weakens our body resulting in various health challenges.

For the first time on planet earth, we are being bombarded by extreme levels of man-mad EMF radiation in our homes, schools, offices and open spaces. Today we have over 5.5 billion cell phones, smart meters and WiFi emitting extreme levels of harmful Radio Frequency Radiation twenty four hours a day.

In my keen research and experience, the over abundance of man-made electromagnetic radiation currently in our atmosphere from wireless technology (Wifi, Cell Phones, Cell Towers, Smart Meters, etc.) is the most significant root cause of most all the imbalances we see today on our precious planet Earth including global warming, strange weather patterns, super storms, human illness, bee population decline and animal illnesses.

Cancer, Alzheimers, Autism, ADD, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Heart Palpitations, Chronic Fatigue, Headaches and Stress have been linked to exposure to man-made electromagnetic radiation.

Some significant sources or EMF radiation are Cell Phones, Cell Towers, Smart Meters, Wireless Modems, Utility Poles, Solar Systems, Computers, Baby Monitors, Alarm Clocks, Compact Fluorescent Lights, Cordless Phones, Gaming Systems, Faulty Wiring, Power Lines and the list goes on.    ~ Dalkoiya Batchelor Ascended Vitality

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