What Type of Influencer Are You?

What Type of Influencer Are You?


Influence is power. You are an influencer. You are powerful.  You are either influencing positively or negatively. What type of influencer are you?

The definition of Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. You are influencing and affecting outcomes all day long.



Why is what type of influencer you are important?

Most of you aren’t aware that your attitude and mindset throughout the day are influencing the people around you. You are either bring them up or taking them down by your words, actions and attitude. Take notice of how you affecting others.
The energy and thoughts you put out into your environment comes back to you and creates your world. If you are complaining you will always have a lot to complain about and surround yourself with others who complain to you. The energy you influence with is bigger than yourself. It vibrants out into the world and affects us collectively. When you speak things out loud with intent you are influencing the Quantum Field.  If you wish to have good friends who care and value you, you’ll need to change your negative actions that manipulate, put-down or abuse others. If you value yourself, you will find connection, love and value with others.

It takes the same energy to positively influence the people around you as it does to destroy them.

It takes the same energy to positively influence the people around you as it does to destroy them. You are living out the positive or negative influences you grew up with.  Were you influenced positively or negatively?  You are currently influencing and being influenced by the people you spend the most time with.  Women who are constantly complaining to each other about the lack of good men won’t create a healthy and vibrant relationship. These women are keeping each other down and limited.  A woman who adores men and is excited to be in a loving relationship, surrounds herself with other women who are filled with love, in healthy relationships and share her positive outlook. These women will find more fun and opportunities for love because they are excited about the possibilities.

You don’t have to be high profile like an Oprah, Ellen, Jobs, Dalai Lama or Trump to be influential.

We are All, all the time, influencing people and the environment around us. 


We are all energetic beings and when you greet each other, hold a conversation, text, tweet, post on FaceBook or walk into a room, you are a radiating energy that affects that environment. You are either sharing high light or low dense energy into a room, a relationship or in social media.

Are you using you awesome power of influence for goodness or destruction? How would you like to be remembered and what impact would you like to have in the world?
Figure out what actions you’ll have to change in order to create good energy and outcomes.

You’re going to need to take a close look at how you are showing up in your day. Do you inspire and motivate others to be their best or destroy ambition and dreams?

Are you a half glass full or a glass half empty kind of person with your family and friends? Do you share possibility or limitation at work?

Take a look around and watch what happens when you enter a room, are you a bright light that attracts or a light sniffer that repels?

Do you share appreciations and up-lift or do you whine, judge, and gossip?

Do you bring joy, laughter, peace and fun where you go or do you bring nothing but complaints?

When you spread downer energy throughout your day, you are negatively affecting your family and peers. If you are a negative influencer and you wonder why friends break away from spending time with you,  it is that they are not aligned with your limited, low and heavy energy and they want to be around more positive, inspiring energy that feels more their truth.  When you shame, blame and criticize someone or rip apart their dreams or goals you are influencing evil.

I know you don’t want to be an evil influencer, that is why I am sharing this blog with you…,
so you can change into a empowering influencer who helps to forge a compassionate and deeply caring world.  



Today, appreciate your power to influence and become a force for good.
In every interaction you have today (and everyday), use your power to positively impact others and outcomes.
Greet people while looking them in them in the eyes, smile at everyone-no matter their state, talk about positive things, respect and be curious about others, bring your light into every interaction you have today.

In this presence of mind you will be amazed by how much power you have to create good in the world.

Remember: You are a SuperHero with SuperPowers, act like one!

Please share with us what you intend to change or light up even more for others.

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