Overcome Trauma and Abuse

Overcome Trauma and Abuse

Use this Technique to Heal your Energy after Trauma or Abuse

I am so grateful that I get to do what I do. Most of all on a one-on-one level, it is very satisfying to guide my clients to shine their light bright in this world, help young, creative people to confidently follow their passions and add to the beauty of this world. But in my field, I discover a lot of trauma and abuse. Some of you don’t realize that you’ve had a type of trauma or abuse happen that is the source of some of your struggles today. Abuse can come in many different forms. 


The Upside of My Being


I sometimes get messages from unknown people who use my free tools. Every so often they will reach out to me and let me know how much my guided tapping sessions or articles are helping them. Sometimes it’s heartbreaking to realize how many wounded souls are out there, walking in the shadows, afraid to shine their light and share their beautiful essence with others. But as a result of the acknowledgement,  it energizes me, it pushes me to strive, work harder, put my whole being into my work, because I know that I have the experience, tools, training and most of all passion to make a difference with victims of abuse, step by step, one by one. It’s invigorating, exciting and an honor to work with these people. Every small victory is a great victory and I KNOW that I am making a difference in the world. Thank you for allowing me to do that by reading my blogs, watching my videos, and sharing the messages.

My free tools are here for everyone, so if you know someone who could benefit even just a little bit from my free tools, please take the extra step to share them.


Therefore for this week’s blog, inspired by the anonymous faces who have taken the first steps to allowing their light to shine, I am sharing this grounding tool to help after trauma and abuse. If you are feeling scattered, unorganized, fearful, or anxious, I trust this will help you.


Empower yourself by managing your energy!


As energetic Beings, it is very important for you to ground yourself to create well-being, wealth and healthy boundaries. Through grounding into yourself you feel more aware, empowered and clear rather than a victim to all that is going on around you. You will have greater focus, will be centered in your emotions and perceptions, and feel calmer.

The advantage of grounding is that you reconnect with your body so that past traumas can heal. It will help you to feel your feelings without being overwhelmed by them. You can feel fear and anxiety and then bring your attention into the present moment and decide where to go from there rather than letting your feelings and fears drive your actions.


If you want to focus specifically on creating healthy boundaries, use this guided tapping session.


I ground myself every day and check during the day to see if I am still grounded.
Here is a video I created for grounding yourself:

Grounding Tool:

Standing up with your feet hip distance, push your feet into the ground with your knees slightly bent and at the same time imagine from the base of your spine a grounding cord dropping to the center of the earth. 

Your grounding cord can be a pipe, waterfall, beam of light, boat anchor, or a hollowed out tree trunk with deep roots, whatever comes to your mind that will help you feel tethered to the center of the earth. 

Stay in this position for at least 1-2 minutes. If your legs start to shake that’s ok, energy is moving and that is what you want. 

Breathe and witness what starts to unwind and reveal itself in your body. Let go of any energy that you no longer want to hold onto and let it travel down the grounding cord. Send stress, tension, other people’s energy that you are holding onto, and old events energy that you can let go of down the cord. 

Think of this as a clearing station where the energy goes down the grounding cord to be neutralized. Additionally, you might  envision golden, healing, source energy coming in through the top of your head running through your body helping you move and dissolve any blocks or stuck energy so the energy can move easier through you. 

This is an easy, very quick way to ground yourself during the day.

There are other ways to ground yourself. Find the one that works best for you and practice grounding daily.

Examples of other ways to ground yourself.


Connect up to your higher self with a beam of light starting at your heart or first chakra. Exercise, weight training, running, dance, massages, yoga, spend time in nature, walk barefoot, garden, eat fresh food or good meat. Try any of this with mindfulness and connect to yourself and the earth. Clear all the unwanted energy out of your body and mind while you do it.

Express Your Self Fully!



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