Transform Feeling NOT Enough into I AM ENOUGH!

Transform Feeling NOT Enough into I AM ENOUGH!


One of the most important beliefs you can have is “I am enough” or “I matter”.
Most of you have grown up thinking and feeling you are not enough or that you don’t matter even though you might not be conscious of it.





Your childhood upbringing and now adulthood has all sorts of experiences that proved to you that you weren’t (fill in the blank) __________ enough.
(good, sexy, smart, interesting, tall, wealthy, perfect, lovable, pretty, strong, outgoing, athletic, handsome, worthy, skinny…)

  • Did you ever have a parent you couldn’t get to pay attention to you the way you wanted them to and you just kept trying to do whatever you thought they wanted you to in order to get your need met?
    You grow up thinking something is wrong with you (your not enough or you don’t matter to them) and you set out to fix yourself and you suffer.
  • Have you ever felt you had to take care of everyone around you before you can have time to yourself?
    You believe other people are more important than you because you don’t deserve it (not enough or don’t matter), you have to earn it.
  • Do you keep adding letters after your name to feel important or put off doing the big leap because you never feel you know enough.?
    You don’t feel smart/good/perfect enough.
  • Are you always critical and disappointed in yourself?
    You don’t feel perfect/good/worthy enough and you don’t want anyone else to know this about you so you feel shame (I’m broken-unworthy/not enough) associated with it.

I’ve associated with all of the above statements and that isn’t unusual! And so happy to say all of them are history. But periodically when I take a leap in my life, I can feel the old uncertainty start to emerge and I have to nip it early with energy work and awareness.

Why don’t you take a moment and think about where do you talk yourself small when you’re really ready to expand. Is it asking for payment or a raise? Is asking your ideal guy/gal on a date? Is it about being seen and heard on stage or videos….? Speaking your mind? When you get with your friends?

Come Tap along with me to remove your childhood programming that triggers you into feeling you’re not enough and gain back your confidence, self-esteem and courage!

Before You Click the video rank on a scale of 1-10 how true “I’m not enough” or “I don’t matter”,  10 = being very true. Write the number down.

Now watch video!

You don’t have to suffer and sacrifice with “I’m not enough” and “I don’t matter” any longer.

This is not who you really are, you have assumed this role and you can change
it to “I Matter”, “I AM Enough”, and “I AM Lovable”.

You were born into the world this way and no one can take it away from you!


Please let us know how this worked for you or share your comments and questions.

And please share this with other Highly Sensitive People you know.

Thank you!

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