Top Tips to a WOW instead of a WHOA

Top Tips to a WOW instead of a WHOA

WowI had to learn to say YES to life …

…rather than WHOA and now that I know how to, I teach this to my clients.

Saying “whoa” to things in your life is saying “I don’t want this or that” and that’s  keeping you from saying “yes” to what you want in your life.

It seems like a little thing, but that “little thing” is happening unconsciously 95% of your day and this is how your day ends up not looking or feeling like you desired.

Whatever you put your attention on (consciously or unconsciously) is what you are going to create more of in your life. It is the unconscious attention to WHOAs that keep you from creating the life, circumstances and results that WOWs your life!

It is the lack of focused attention to your desires that keep you living an ordinary life instead of an extraordinary one.  It is not bad luck or that you are undeserving or someone else’s fault.

It is your lack of taking responsibility of paying attention to living your WOW life that has you feeling stuck and thinking “poor me.”whoa stop

Instead of choosing what you desire, you are letting your subconscious mind replay your childhood programming over and over what is wrong with your life, the world and you.

Below are some examples of thoughts and feelings that are replaying in your mind when you live an ordinary habitual life, and your mind wastes time searching for answers that aren’t true:

“Why me? “

“It’s not fair!”

“I can never get ahead because the odds are against me.”

“I’m not good/smart/rich/pretty/handsome/sexy/loveable/perfect enough.”

“Poor me, if only____________ I could/would_________.”

Instead, when you live a WOW extraordinary life some of the thoughts and feelings you would be experiencing are:

“I wonder how I will create  ______________ (your desires)”
“I feel so grateful for _______, _________, __________”

“I love myself.”

“I am responsible for creating my life!”
“I am so excited about what is coming to me.”
“I deserve whatever I desire.”

“I can do/have/be______________.”
“I wonder who is going to support me creating ____?(your desires)”


So where is your mind focused on? WHOA or WOW?

What thoughts and feelings are playing over and over, unconsciously creating lack attitudes, beliefs that keep you stuck and perceptions that are lies and don’t serve you or humanity?


  1. Become very conscious of your language, thoughts, feelings and actions. Raise your awareness to what is running in your subconscious mind and creating your current life circumstances.
  2. Pick one or two unconscious WHOA limiting perceptions and STOP them in their tracks every time they come up and replace them with conscious WOW focus.
  3. Don’t take other people’s perceptions to be true for you, create your own WOW life. No one else knows what is best for you, they all have their own unconscious programming they are dealing with.

Remember, what you focus on expands!

rippleFocus on your WOWS and life will not disappoint you.

Here is my personal example of choosing WOW life over WHOA perceptions:

When I first left my 24-year relationship with my ex-husband, my greatest fear was that I would end up being a bag lady.  My thoughts would run with that story in my head and put me in a tremendous amount of suffering, thinking no one would love me, I would be all alone and it triggered my fear of abandonment big time.


I would bolt awake around three o’clock in the morning with an anxiety attack and I would say out loud, “STOP” and then I would play my WOW life vision in my mind. I would say “You are going to be wealthy and healthy,” and I would feel it and believe it, and then say “go back to sleep, you can’t accomplish anything now” and I would fall back asleep.

WHOA would come with any bills in the mail. A bill would drive me into fear and I would start to generate the old programmed stories, thinking “I can’t do this on my own, who am I to think I can do this?” All the “what if’s would go through my mind, and I would say, “STOP” and start the WOW vision with being grateful for whatever the bill provided like gas, electric, attorney guidance, schooling, or groceries and focus on feeling free and empowered to have such support available in my life.

I even changed my signature to remind myself that I am a responsible for co-creator of my world and to be grateful for it.  It took me a while to create it, but when it came, I loved it. MOM, Marilyn O’Malley = Master of Manifestation.

I also enjoy a second value of this signature, MOM, because I feel I am like an unconditional loving mother to a lot of my clients. I end up valuing me and whatever I am writing as check for as creation of my WOW life!

StopThe “STOP” moments went on for about three weeks and then one day I went to the mailbox and there was a check and I could feel the start of a small “whoa” that stopped on its own and went directly to “WOW, how blessed am I.”

I feel so blessed that I had my coaches training under my belt and that I could coach myself through leaving my husband and moving across the country away from all I had known for 24 years and start a new life being happy.  To be honest, I don’t know if I could have done what I did without KNOWING what I knew to make that big of a quantum leap. It was terrifying, liberating and exhilarating at the same time.


My passion is to help as many of you as possible in my lifetime, to quickly make this shift from WHOA –àWOW so you don’t have to needlessly struggle and suffer.


I know tools that don’t take three weeks to reprogram the subconscious mind, so I can help you much quicker to get from WHOA to WOW. The secret is that you’ve got to want it and do the inner work to get there.

Joy_Bao-Quan Nguyen

Photo by Bao-Quan Nguyen

To living a turned ON (WOW) life!



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