Top Resources for Your Job Search

Top Resources for Your Job Search


Are you a college graduated looking for a job or maybe you’re already working but ready to find a new job and not sure where to look.


Worry no longer, here are 15+ resources you can use to find your next job:



Start your search here.
It had the most new posts a day and it has detailed company profiles so you can see if you’re a fit.  

There are new jobs posted every day with an in-depth look at the companies posting them. The multimedia company profiles are balanced with feedback from current and former employees on culture, salary, and the CEO — there are even charts to show how a company’s rating has changed over time.


Living The EDitors Life

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Ed2010 is a site run by and for young upstarts in the magazine publishing industry or those who’re trying to get their foot in the door in this notoriously hard-to-enter field. 


Entertainment Careers Job Posts

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If you are hoping to get into the entertainment industry, this site is a gem. many studios, production companies and more are posting their internships and open positions on the site. You can sign up for their newsletter and get all the new listings straight into your inbox. Don’t hesitate to go after those internships. Most Below-the-line positions in the industry are filled by people who have already ‘paid their dues.



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This site provides jobs with a lot of flexibility. FlexJobs is one of the premier sites for career seekers looking for part time, telecommute, and other flexibly arranged jobs.


 CrunchBoard or TechCrunch

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Interested in the tech field? Crunchboard, is the job board associated with tech and startup-focused media site TechCrunch.



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If you’re about giving back, and want to work at a company that aligns ethically with your own core values this is a site to look at. This website is dedicated to connecting job seekers to positions in the non-profit sector; it’s also a great tool for filling internships and volunteer positions too.



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Companies post jobs openings here and you can connect with companies you want to work for whether it be start-ups or well established brand names. Companies will appreciate you reaching out and being self motivated using this site.



24,092 of the world’s best startups are hiring on AngelList


 Specific Company websites like Google, Mindvalley, Toms, United Nations



Teach English or work abroad.
Teaching English abroad is a marvelous way to explore the world. These two sites are a good start if you’d like to gain experience in a different culture:


job resources


Interexchange Work Abroad

job resources



job resources

Companies and individuals post on Craigslist for full time, part time and one time jobs. Remember to check the lists outside your local area that you would move to if you had a job there.


College Websites

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Alumni job postings: Alumni like to support their college graduates and post job positions on the college website.

 College professors

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Companies talk to college professors in their area so go back and talk to your college professors and ask them for some direction or who is asking them for referrals. Let them know you are interested and hungry to work.



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If there are no job openings you might seek out an internship in a company you’d like to work for. This will allow them to get to know you and your skills as well as give you time to get to know the company, see if it is a fit and learn new business skills.



Volunteering is a great way to make a positive impact and
meet interesting people, who have connections in the workplace.



 Networking events

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Local business owners, HR people and entrepreneurs attend these events. They will appreciate your effort and energy to meet them. (You can volunteer to help at the events,too) Some of the organizations putting on networking events include the Chamber of Commerce, BNI (Business Networking International) groups, Lead groups, NAWBO (national association of women business owners), Women in Communication even your local meetup might offer networking event. Look up organizations in your community in the field you want to work and check them all out. When you are at these events, meet as many people as possible, get to know them as much as share who you are and how you can help them solve their problems.


Don’t be shy when going about pursuing your job. Business owners, managers, recruiters love to see someone not giving up and going for it. You may not have all the skills necessary for a job, but if they see your commitment, persistence and personality that fits their company’s culture, they will train you. They want someone who is excited to learn and grow and will invest themselves in their work.

Try to figure out what it is that they need and you have to offer as a service. If you can’t get into your dream company right now, what is it that you still need to learn to make yourself a more valuable asset? Go to a company that could teach you those skills missing for your dream job.

While you search for your next job, is there anything you can think of that you can do immediately that is fills a need or solves a problem in your community? Examples include sewing clothes, lawn care, pet, house or baby sitting, cleaning, camp counseling, tutoring, YMCA lifeguard, handyman work, driving the elderly or teaching a skill you have out of your home or in someone else’s home.
Use your intuition to guide you and be proactive everyday.

You will learn and grow from all your work experiences, adding skills and expertise for your next job or position.
So don’t worry if you don’t get your dream job, work towards being a kickass employee wherever you are and you will become successful and valued.

Everything you do adds to your life, so choose things that positively add equity to your work experience and resume. You will personally grow and learn marketing, people skills, sales, and money management.

Having a job and making an income will keep your self-esteem higher than not having one. This higher energy and action will help you find your next level of work.

Many of you will most likely have multiple jobs at the same time. You are not alone and this is not a bad thing. You will figure it out as you go. The main thing is that you are making a living while supporting yourself as well as you can, serving your community, and learning and growing.

If you have other job search resources please share them in the comments for others and share this with your friends!

To your success!

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