25 Ways to Create Your Turned ON Life

25 Ways to Create Your Turned ON Life

Grab your journal and pen and write about your turned-on, adventurous life.  Think of the activities that would make you happy and expand your horizons. It could be as simple as getting out of your daily routine and taking a different route to work, or turning on the radio and dancing to the music instead of sitting and watching TV, or wearing a bright color that makes you feel happy instead of black.

Or what about something a little bit more exciting and challenging? Something that really gets your blood pumping and creates new brain cells and neurological pathways through learning and creating new experiences. You may desire traveling to exotic places, buying a beautiful home,  or learning  a foreign language and visiting that country to speak it.

NOW is the time to choose what you want to direct your attention to while creating your turned-on, adventurous life. What is it you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t dare?

Here are 25 examples of dreams you can fulfill, goals you can achieve and life experiences nobody can ever take away from you. Use these examples to stir your imagination and notice what inspires and excites you.

Top 25 Ways To Turn On Your Life:

1 Ride A Horse 2 sharks 3 Pisa 4 skydiving 6 roadtrip 8 stars and beach 9 Triathalon 10 ice hotel 11 great wall 12 base jumping 13 mural 14 antarctica 15 light house 17 other country 20 conservation africa 21 pet

To You Living Your Turned ON Life!


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