Top 10 Meditations to Stay Focused on your Goals

Top 10 Meditations to Stay Focused on your Goals

Staying focused on your goals can be really hard in our ADD world. Especially if they are long-term goals. With so many distractions every day, it’s no wonder we get sidetracked all the time. Many of my clients come to see me because they are overwhelmed, overstimulated and unclear of what to do next.  Achieving your goals is absolutely possible if you can stay focused, grounded and peaceful.

Guided meditations will help you stay focused, overcome procrastination,get motivated daily, relax or ground you or help you with the initial goal setting. They can make the difference between getting the results you want or staying stuck in the same daily routine, level of happiness and income and social status.

Lucky for you, I scoured the online meditation space and put together this list of guided meditations that will keep your eyes on the prize!

Use these 10 Meditation resources to stay focused on and achieve your goals:


Meditation made simple Brilliant things happen in calm minds

highly sensitive








2. Guided Meditation for Success, Positive Energy, Concentration and Focus







3. Guided Meditation for Goal Setting
Goal Setting Meditation


4. Balance & Align your Chakras before Sleep

meditation to feel better







5. 15 minute sacral chakra meditation


Photo @ Amy Treasure








6. 1 Hour Zen Music for Inner balance, Stress Relieve, and Relaxation






7. The Daily Meditation Podcast

daily meditation podcast


8. Powerful Meditations for Feeling Peace and Overcoming Procrastination

guided meditation








9. Guided Meditation for Daily Motivation











10. Self Esteem Meditation









I hope these amazing meditations will give you guidance and help you stay
focused so you can reach any personal or money or business goal you set.

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