Tools for Riding the Energetic Rollercoaster

Tools for Riding the Energetic Rollercoaster

This week from Marilyn:
The last couple of months have been an energy roller
coaster ride, physically, emotionally, and mentally for me.
In speaking to my clients and friends I am not the only one experiencing this energetic enfolding.

What I have noticed is this:

  • I feel more connected to myself, others, and nature.
  • I find when I am clear on what I want, I manifest very, very quickly.
  • I am being very selective about what I do with my time.
  • I have a strong calling to be more authentically me.
  • I have to ground and clear my energy more frequently
  • I long to sleep more.
  • I function more from my heart than my head~embodying me!
  • I periodically feel dizzy or disconnected from my body.
  • I require more introspective time and time in nature.
  • I have to face my issues that are in my face.
  • It is not a time to bullshit myself or anyone else.
  • I am much more aligned with ease and my femininity.
  • I desire to play more and work less which I am!

What about you, can you relate?
Are you noticing how everything is speeding up and it feels like our world is exploding of imploding?  It might feel like shit is flying everywhere, however, the opposite is also true; there is incredible love and beauty that is transpiring from our growth.

Quicker, deeper changes are happening everyday requiring that we pay a lot more attention to our lives.  Notice what works and doesn’t work for us in order to thrive and not just survive.

Below, I am sharing with you tools and resources that will help you understand some of what is happening in the universe with Lee Harris’s June forecast.  

I have provided a Energy Meditation, 15 minutes: ground, clear and raise your energy to love
frequency —> Energy Meditation ,
so you will eliminate anxiety, overwhelm, fear and taking on other people’s energy.

I have also created a video series of 5 short (less than 9 minutes) videos.
“Create a Life You Love,” Part 1,
will share with you how to get clear on what you want.
When you are clear, and your energy is aligned with what you desire you can manifest very quickly.

My work is to help you create what you desire and thrive.  If you find that you cannot find your footing on your own in this transitional time, I am here to support and guide you to live a life you love.

Remember, you are not alone, you are safe, you are love, and you are worthy!

Marilyn O’Malley
(805) 883-8598

June 2013 Energy Forecast with Lee Harris
I love Lee’s forecasts, they help me get a broader vision of what is happening energetically for humanity.


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