This Will Empower You To Create The Life You Love

This Will Empower You To Create The Life You Love

I love my life! I mean it, I really love all of my life! I don’t mean just sometimes when things are going well and I’m happy, it is all of my life, the joys, as well as the challenges.

It wasn’t always this way. My life use to be attending to a series of problems or heading them off interspersed with pleasure and joy. It didn’t matter if it was my problem, a family members or a friends. I was a good problem solver without boundaries and a perfectionist who was always in the future thinking how to avoid possible mistakes, challenges, and failures. This thinking, I rationalized, made me feel productive, good enough and worthy.  I felt self pressure to be good at everything I did; good daughter, mother, wife, tennis player, massage therapist, life coach, lover, cook, gardener, artist…

Living the life of the people pleaser and highly sensitive problem solver, my perceived happiness depended on others validating me and me achieving perfection.  The odds of either of those things happening were long shots, so I kept learning to better myself, tried harder and continued to raise my expectations for myself. As you can imagine or may even relate to, my life was an emotional roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

Today my happiness and success is not by chance. I determine how I feel, what I desire and I don’t count on anyone else for my happiness and love. I’d love to share with you how I started creating a lifestyle that positively fits, honors and supports my mind, body and spirit.

Learning about the science of Quantum Physics, the Laws of the Universe and my brain transformed my life! 

Learning about the science of Quantum Physics and it’s Law of the Universe changed my life.  It rocked my world and blew open my limited perspective of myself and my world. For the first time in my life I learned how powerful I was; more than I could have ever imagined. Life wasn’t a one way street, random opportunities, the luck of the draw or just challenges to overcome. I get to determine my lifestyle, relationships, happiness, love, health and infinite opportunities.

When I was ready to receive and see this information from a variety of sources I knew in my gut it was true. I had been receiving guidance from Source/God/The Universe since I was a baby, but those around were unconscious to it or afraid to embrace their spiritual knowing.

I remember thinking and feeling angry, why weren’t we taught this earlier in life? 

Why did I have to discover this in my forties and not earlier? .

I learned that my mind had been programmed from infancy and what I was unconsciously believing and habitually acting on was not who I was authentically. I was a human “Mutt” of my environment (religion, media, family, traditions, culture, education…).

I was blessed with a strong intuition and it kept gently course correcting me with nudges towards experiences, mentors, books, workshops and learning challenges to wake me up. I grew up reading Edgar Cayce and whatever channeled or intuitive books were available. It wasn’t until after seeing “What The Bleep Do We Know…” did I understand that there was science behind this unseen knowing I felt my whole life. It wasn’t woo-woo and I wasn’t crazy. I had been ahead of my time! I was a pioneer.

A little later, I was introduced to John Assaraf, a spiritual entrepreneur, philanthropist and teacher with a passion for brain research, quantum physics and helping small business owners be successful using the laws of the Universe and the latest brain research. In 2004 John became my mentor for 2 years of training and I still learn from him today. And from this new consciousness I attracted to me to a variety of tools, teachers, ideas, and learnings that have lead to who I am today.

Learning from John about how the mind worked and it’s plasticity along with how it influences the Quantum field was monumental. This was critical knowledge I needed in order to re-create the authentic me and my desired life.  Creating a daily practice of mindfulness and conscious choice and applying this knowledge has lead me to creating a life I love. No unwanted roller coaster rides, and lots of adventures and pleasures!

It doesn’t mean I don’t have challenges. I just don’t see them as a problem. I see them as a gift; a way for me to identify where there is a block that I haven’t addressed that is holding me back from my present life desires.

I can’t explain fully in great detail the law of attraction/creation in this email, but here is a very simple definition: “you get what you are”, you have to shift your vibration so you become a match to that which you desire and then you will attract the experiences, people and events to you that are a vibrational match to help you create it.

 Applying what I learned about the laws of the Universe, Quantum Physics  and the brain has liberated and empowered me beyond my wildest dreams! I know this truth deep inside me (soul) and that I was called to live this happy and prosperous life and to help others do the same.

It took time to learn, apply, and uncover and then transform my unconscious habits and thinking to see the positive results of my efforts. As I kept with my efforts my faith and trust increased in my abilities to connect with Source and know my connection to everything was working with me. I wasn’t alone. As my faith and consciousness  grew, my manifestation time quickened. As I master managing my thoughts, actions and energy I liberate more and more of my authentic self which is playful, loving, free, creative, expressive and expansive.

On the whole I attract what I really love, desire and that makes me happy.  I allow myself to receive it all knowing I am worthy. I desire this for you too!

This is an important note: Knowing something is different from just reading about it. This is where a lot of people get side tracked. This is where unconsciousness and the ego get in your way of transforming your life. You have to apply what you learn to your life, making new choices and creating new habits to build your trust, confidence and skill mastery.  You only know what you know because your are unconscious to other possibilities.

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