This Is What’s Keeping You Stuck

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Eleven years ago, John Assaraf, of the book and movie The Secret, was my mentor for two years. I did everything he recommended to grow my business and create more money in my life. I listened to all the calls, was involved in my mastermind group, went to all the live events, applied meditation, affirmations, dream boards, all the mind and quantum science that he taught and still I wasn’t having the results I thought I should be having like some others in the group. Just like you, I’m smart, creative, intuitive, intelligent, self-motivated, entrepreneurial-minded and results-orientated and I felt that something was wrong with me because the ‘Law of Attraction’ wasn’t working for me.

In this video I talk about the real reason things are not “happening” for you, even if you have been putting all the time and effort into practicing to be successful.

I hope the video will encourage you to keep going!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns contact me either directly or post your questions in the comments.

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  1. I’ve heard this information from others for years. Been studying for 35 years. I’m a professional at information but nothing sticks no matter how much I study, mentor. What can you say I don’t know? I know what I say to myself no one seems to know how to retrain subconscious, do you and how?

    • Lucy I hear from a lot of people that they know this information and it doesn’t change anything.
      Knowing the information as intellectual information is different from living and applying this information. Your ego will tell you that you already know this information so you don’t need to do anything else and that is not true. Transforming your subconscious mind needs consistent and persistent attention to what is going on with you internally and taking new actions to create new results. Yes I know how to retrain your subconscious.

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