They Don’t “GET” Me, What Should I Do?

They Don’t “GET” Me, What Should I Do?

Learn How to survive family and friends that don’t understand you.

Do you ever think, my family and friends, “They don’t get me”? They don’t understand what I’m saying or why I think the way I do.  And no matter how hard I try to explain myself it doesn’t help to bring them any closer to understanding me.

As a result do you think to yourself, “there must be something wrong with me that they don’t understand me.”

With every client I’ve coached, we deal with relationship dynamics. How to be authentically myself even when people don’t “get” me.

I grew up having these challenges as a child and into adulthood. I was ahead of my time with new age ideas and knowledge. As a sensitive and intuitive child I had broader interest than most of my friends. I felt things people couldn’t see and I experience paranormal events to guide me. I brought up the subject of “the other side” to my mother and she answer by sending me to Sunday School.  My friends and family made fun of my tears at happy and sad commercials. I had no one I could talk to about all of this until I went to John F. Kennedy University. There I was surrounded by a tribe of like minded people, who could speak my language and who got my curiosity.

Not being seen and understood left me feeling inferior, unsupported, and alone.

Have you experienced this with your family and friends? What did you experience?

When I reflect on these experiences, I notice that I never made my struggle about me being broken. I felt not smart or good enough because I didn’t know how to do it perfect.
I’m laughing as I write this now, because some of the ideas and knowledge I had as a child are being explained through Quantum Physics today and I never had words to explain them, in fact I didn’t think it was science then…just KNOWings to share. I remember seeing the movie What the Bleep Do We Know… in my 4os and crying thinking there is my family; they would understand me. One of my teachers today is Dr. Joe Dispenza, who was one of the scientist in that movie.
After not being understood or allowed to be yourself, do you find yourself shutting down with those people or feeling resentful? Do you feel it is unsafe to share anything that isn’t of common interest or knowledge with your family and friends?
I did! And it bored the crap out of me to stay in the “known, comfortable, and safe” conversations, which in turn made me think I was the boring one.


I’ve grown up the black sheep of my family, not willing to live generational stories about victimization and feminine powerlessness. I won’t role play the family stories and they don’t get why I want to be “WHO I AM” not who they are comfortable with.


Your family and friends helped shape your childhood, but as an adult you have a conscious mind that allows you to make new choices that are aligned with who you really are. It’s important for each of you to recognize your individual unique Self and know that as you grow beyond “they don’t “get” me” you will come to know    As you give yourself permission to be YOUR SELF, you will have to allow others to do the same.


In the video below I share with you what to do about the
family and friends who don’t “get” you.

Follow the guidelines I present in the video and you will find it less challenging to be YOU

  • Make your life your business!
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable with people not getting you.
  • Get clear on “Who AM I?”
  • Be selective about who you spend time with
  • Find your Tribe

If this was valuable to you please play it forward.


Comment below on what steps you’re going to take from the video or share your situation or questions.
Make your life your business and no one else’s.


Loving you,


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