The theme for August 2017 is RE-EVALUATION / RESET by Lena Stevens

The theme for August 2017 is RE-EVALUATION / RESET by Lena Stevens

I find what is happening in the world right now fascinating and I am not the expert to explain this auspicious time in our history, so I am sharing guidance that I find helpful.

Here is Lena Stevens from The Power with her channelled guidance and energetic theme for August 2017:

“This is a month providing a huge opportunity for re-evaluating what you are doing in your life, clearing out what doesn’t work, and going for massive change.”

“It is an intense month of emotional ups and downs, confusion about what is right and dealing with hard truths.”

“It is also a month where we take what we ‘just DID’ in July, re-evaluate its place in our lives and then either take it to the next level or decide it is not for us.”

“When you ‘go for’ something new, you have to change your set routines to allow the space (and time) for it to take hold.”

“This usually means that something else that was an energetic place holder has to be shifted and/or released. Sometimes this happens naturally but most of the time it takes a conscious choice and commitment.”

“We will get a lot of opportunities to make new choices and move things around to accommodate the new aspects we wish to anchor.”

“This month we have times that are truly instinctively centered (good for re-evaluation) and times that are higher emotionally centered, giving us a point of reference for where we want to end up in our reset.”

“It will feel like a yo-yo at times, moving between the two. Much flexibility and non-judgment is required.”

“There are some great lessons in letting go this month; of old dreams, clothing you haven’t worn in years, family heirlooms that no longer fit your lifestyle, outdated relationships, and all those things that ‘someday may be useful’ or ‘someday you will get to’.”

“It is time to lighten your load and at the same time release whatever emotional baggage from the past that has surfaced in the last few weeks.”

“Forgiveness, neutrality, and not taking things personally will be key to navigating this month, as well as acceptance and allowing for a reset at the deepest level.”

“A reset often means that whatever was before is gone, has ended or transformed. Using the spirit of death as an ally this month will be very useful in working with the energy or RESET…”

“Think of the internet that goes offline and has to be reset by unplugging it and then connecting it back up. This will be true for whatever needs to be reset in your life as well.”

“You may find yourself ‘going off-line’ either voluntarily (such as stopping everything and going off by yourself unplugged like doing a solo), or involuntarily going off-line where things in your life just come to a standstill and you have no energy to even get out of bed in the morning.”

“Watch for depression as it can be a byproduct of this month especially for those who have not taken the theme of July seriously and are behind in their movement and action.

“However just because you have low energy and are in deep re-evaluation, it does not necessarily mean you have depression but can become depression if you wallow in it.”

“The cure? Take action on something. Take a walk, move some furniture, go for a drive.”

“We also need to be careful to separate depression from confusion. Confusion is an OK place to be especially with so much unknown at this time.”

“Confusion may or may not be a part of your times of re-evaluation but if you feel confused, it means that things are shifting which is a good thing.”

“This is not the month to trust your intellectual center as it is the one to embody confusion.”

“The mind may be somewhat freaked out by what does not make any rational sense (and there will be a lot of that). So, go with your feelings instead.”

“Clarity will come slowly as you re-evaluate what does not feel good, what belongs to someone else, and what truly inspires you.”

“Don’t be afraid to keep acting on the ‘just do it’ theme of the past weeks as it still holds true for most of this month. After all, how can you know when something is right or wrong for you if you don’t try it? Personal experience is always better than theory.”

“What drives the energy this month are the 2 eclipses, a partial Lunar one at the Full Moon on August 7, and a rare total Solar Eclipse on the New Moon on August 21, visible across parts of the United States.”

“This is a major event that will be witnessed by many and marks a huge RESET, the ramifications of which we will probably not see until later this fall.”

“In addition to the eclipses, the planet Mercury goes retrograde on August 12, which is always a support for going within and deep re-evaluation.”

“A big helpful word for this month is TRUST. Trust that the change is for the highest good as long as the mind and your own attachments don’t get in the way.”

“Trust that whatever is happening around you, and in the world, is all part of a greater picture of evolution.”

“Trust that your heart knows what it is ‘doing’. Trust that your essence knows way more than your ego.”

“Trust that the clarity will come. Trust that change will bring good things and trust that everything will improve in the long run.”

How the month shows up:


“You may feel you are at the edge of something, either a blessing or a catastrophe. You may waffle between fear and excitement.

“You may be confused about what you are doing in your life, which way to go, what to trust, where to put your energy. And you are most likely overthinking everything. And you are probably feeling burdened by a variety of issues both physical and non-physical.

“This month is about having the courage to go deep within, telling the truth, doing some hard re-evaluating, and taking action either in letting go and releasing something or moving forward and showing up in a new way.

“Whatever it is you can be sure that it will be a reset of some kind. Especially important will be to evaluate the position you have served in other people’s lives and if that is to be continued or reset in some way.

“There is a great opportunity to clear karma and sweep the cobwebs of uncertainty aside to see clearly what is finished and what is not.

“If the karma is complete, this will be part of what you release. If it is not, patterns can be reset this month to reflect a higher vibration so that unfinished business and karma can be completed or continued in a way that comes from a place of more love, compassion and forgiveness.

“This includes self-karma, those deep hard lessons we all came in with this lifetime whether they are physical conditions, emotional or intellectual challenges, or just simply difficult personality traits.

“Whatever has been anchored through your childhood wounds and imprinting has become part of your patterning. That energetic patterning is your belief system that informs the quantum field around you to manifest certain aspects of your life.

“Much of this becomes automatic and unconscious until you have an opportunity like we do this month to go within, dig it up, re-evaluate its relevance, and make a change. (there is a great visualization on our monthly support audio)

“So, the bottom line is that this is a great month to reset and recreate who you are, what you want to manifest, and how you want to show up in the world. It is going to take work, commitment, discipline and a true willingness to change.



“Relationships will definitely go through it this month and you can be on either end of the re-evaluation and reset.

“The good news is that relationships worth keeping that have gotten stale in their patterns have an opportunity to be rekindled in a way that includes more joy, creativity and nurturing.

“The bad news is that much discontent harbors resentments that will come boiling to the surface. It is imperative that you do not take things personally as much of the resentment may be projection. However, it is also important that you do take responsibility for where you have not been forthcoming with good communication or truth about how you really feel.

“With Mercury going retrograde for the second half of the month, paying close attention to how and what you communicate will be helpful in getting to the bottom of what is really happeningwith some of your relationships.

“Family dynamics are in the spotlight this month as they represent and embody your imprinted beliefs and projected responsibilities.

“You may have to have some deep truth talks and be willing to walk away from expectations in order to honor your own identity and ways you wish to move forward. The phrase ‘you can’t please everyone, so you better please yourself’ has never been truer.

“Your relationship with yourself is the most important one and if you can heal that, it will inform all the others to shift and change as well.



“This is perhaps one of the most critical areas of reset this month. A new understanding of how the body is simply a manifestation of your thoughts and beliefs is possible, as well as a deep healing and reset of what has been perceived as damaged, lacking or diseased. You have the potential to reset your relationship to your body and your physical well-being. New commitments to eating well, exercising daily and trusting your body to support you are all possible and welcomed this month.

“Watch for challenges with depression as mentioned earlier and don’t resist ups and downs in energy levels and motivation. Do what feels good, eat what your intuition tells you is right (instead of adhering to a popular ‘diet’), and make sure to engage the moving center frequently and with joy.

“Anything is possible!



“Some will blow apart and some will come together and there will be times when nothing makes any sense.

“This is a month when you truly need to listen to your own intuition and make decisions from your heart.

“If you making your decisions based on what others are predicting or saying, you are basing them on theory and not reality. The only reality we have now is what we feel and what we experience.

“There is no way to predict the future as the highest probabilities are being powerfully reset. So instead of waiting for it to happen, be part of the reset and take an active role in setting your own intentions for how you wish to see the future. Since anything is possible with this reset, wouldn’t you like to have a say?

“On the more practical side, evaluate your projects especially the ones you may have started with the ‘just do it’ theme of July. If they need refinement or changes or even elimination, do it now.

“You may also find yourself resurrecting old hobbies or projects or even collaborations with others especially around the arts and music. That garden that you dreamed of planting a few years ago may suddenly manifest because it is the right time. Or that business deal you gave up on will come around again with fresh energy and new insight.

“Be inspired by the possibilities and be creative in your problem solving and reconfiguring of what runs your physical life. It may be time to retire some aspects and rekindle others.

“Take a risk and take advantage of what comes your way, always willing for re-evaluation and reset.



“This is a great month to manifest reset in your environment. What this means is an honest evaluation of what you have, what you don’t need anymore, what you can get rid of, what stays, what goes, and how you can change it up to be fresh and new.

“This often means a reflection of inner change on the outer container of your home, workspace and other extension of yourself.

“Some of this reflection will take place around your electronics and other systems that may have to be actually physically reset as they can easily go ‘offline’ for no apparent reason. If this happens, take it as a good sign that things are indeed resetting.

“In fact, you can help this process along by unplugging everything you have plugged into power and then plugging it back in maybe even after you change its location.

“Another favorite manifestation of this is the changing and moving of furniture and objects that surround you on a daily basis. It changes the flow of energy and forces you to be more focused and in present time as you cannot wander around in an old pattern.

“Whatever you can do this month to support the energy of the eclipses and the radical change they symbolize, the better.

“And speaking of eclipses, even if you are not in an area where they are visible, it would be very very wise to honor them in some way as powerful allies for reset. Try to take time around the eclipses, especially the solar one on the 21st, without interference from your schedule.

“We will not actually see the results of what these eclipses have offered us until later in the fall. But you can be sure that if you put the intention into what you want reset, you will get their support.”

© Copyright 2017 ~Lena Stevens All Rights Reserved

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