The Prosperity Breakthrough System™


A Mind, Body & Spirit Transformational Tele-Training

The Prosperity Breakthrough System

For Healers & Creative Entrepreneurs

 April 15- July 1,2014
12 Tuesdays,  1 1/2 hour
12 noon EST, 9am PST

Limited to 10 participants
Marilyn O’Malley
805 883-8598



Click below to listen to Marilyn’s share
How Your Vows And Patterns Are Blocking Your Prosperity
It ends with a grounding meditation.

Dear Healers and Creative Entrepreneurs,

I love what I do and who I am. At this time I am being called to help healers and creatives integrate their spiritual and material worlds so they can manifest what they came here to do and be here on earth. Needless suffering, lack and denial is not spiritual nor is it aligned with your purpose.

It is time to reclaim you birth right to thrive. I know you can feel this and know it too!

The Universe is calling for you to let go of the old programming from this life tiem and beyond and choose to NOW, live your life purpose. This requires you to heal and clear your blocks and patterns, so you can inspire humanity to authentically express their truths and live their purpose.

We are not here to do our work alone and you are leaders who are gravely needed right now.

It is time for you to manifest your desires and your life purpose. The world needs you to authentically live your life in all your brilliance and worthiness, no longer denying abundance, love and pleasure.

It is time to step fully into YOUR POWER, manifest what you desire and be prosperous as a Role Model

The Prosperity Breakthrough System works with bridging your mind, body and spirit for healing and manifestation. Using the chakra system as a pathway we address your challenges and transforming your negative vows, agreements, and patterns that are sabotaging you personally and professionally.

Who is this training for? Healers, Light-Workers, Body-Workers, Artists, Musicians, Psychotherapists, Coaches, Writers, Alternative Health Care Providers, Leaders, Innovators or Creative Professionals

                                                                                         What To  Expect  

  • Learn the steps for manifesting marrying your Spiritual and Human energiesunnamed
  • Set clear goals & desire and stay on it for 12 weeks 
  • Have more prosperity (money, power, love, connections, well-being…) in your life
  • Breakthrough old programming, vows, beliefs, and patterns that are holding you back or keeping you small
  • Honor and respect your uniqueness and life purpose
  • Learn how to manage your mind and your energy
  • Release  shame, guilt, unworthiness and any draining obstacles in your life
  • Be with like minded people who support you being you and advancing your life!


The Prosperity Breakthrough System 9 Week Training


The changes I’ve noticed both professionally and personally since beginning the Prosperity Breakthrough Program with Marilyn O’Malley have been profound.  There are still 3 weeks left in the program, and already: my business is bringing in more income (from new and unsolicited sources, yay!), there is a new increased level of confidence in my healing/intuitive abilities, people in my life are more respectful of my time and boundaries and I’m feeling more joy and ease both with myself and in my relationships.  Love looking at my chakras through this new point of view.  Thank you Marilyn for sharing this profound work and helping me to release vows and patterns that (unknown to me) were keeping me from stepping into my true power.    ~Susan Hart, LMT in Mont Clare, PA

Since you don’t know me yet, I’ll share a little about Me

Since I was a little girl I have been fascinated with people and power. I didn’t feel empowered most of my life and I desperately wanted to.  As a 3rd grader I went in search of how to have power so I could feel powerful, safe and free.
I looked outside myself in psychology and mystical books, studied religions, cultures, sexes and philosophy. I looked to men to have the power and answers and felt lost because I wasn’t one of them.

My journey eventually led me to look inside myself for my power and where I had given my power away. Thus, I discovered home, my essence, my purpose, my power, my connection to everything and I began my spiritual journey. As my spiritual self grew so did my connection to my body, my human natures and the material world. I began to see how everything worked together. I wasn’t alone and unsupported. I was powerful beyond my imagination. I had taken on false beliefs and patterns from others thinking they were true.

My understanding of how spiritual and human energy systems function together as our personal power continues to go today. I move through my life mastering the dance of duality between spirit/human, divine feminine/divine masculine, inward focus/outward focus, contraction/expansion… in order to express, own and manifest my desires and life purpose.

My life has been about removing needless suffering from myself and others and embodying our personal power.  So I am very excited to connect with you and learn more about you! I am a certified life coach trained at The Coaches Training Institute and Transformational Expert with over 4000 hours of working with highly sensitive and creative clients.

I am unique because I am a pioneer, pleasure seeker, visionary, light worker, intuitive, mother of two young adults, highly sensitive, creative, leader, energy worker, lover, and 30+ years as an entrepreneur. I am naturally wholesome, creative, athletic, connector, entrepreneur, idea generator, playful, prosperous, adventurous, and forever a student of life.

I have extensively studied how the mind/brain works, health, the Laws of the Universe, Energy/Intuition, body work, psychology (relationships/happiness/success/perfectionism/shame/guilt/addiction…), women/the feminine, art, entrepreneurial business and spirituality,. and continue to study all of these areas.

I have coached over 4000 hours with Clients and I walk what I coach.  I know what is needed to have a healthy, prosperous & harmonious life, such as clear boundaries, mind and energy management, structures, systems and down time. I instinctively know what to pay attention to for my client’s greatest benefits, as well as, the critical programming that drives them to self-sabotage and play small. I understand each person is unique.  I help my clients transform themselves, so that they are turned onto life through their love, desires, and purpose. They go from hiding out, feeling disempowered or not good enough, to knowing their purpose and wanting to be seen and heard to make a difference in the world.

I help my clients have the best tools, practices, and structures to manage their successful, fulfilling and juicy life without sacrificing themselves.

Nine years ago, I left all my security of a 24-year marriage, friends and family and made a quantum leap following my calling that is my life today. I could not have imagined that it would turn out as fantastic as it is today, traveling and adventures, my relationship with my partner, helping amazing clients all over the world transform their lives, manifesting an empowered life I love, and I am still expanding…WOO HOO! 
I live in Santa Barbara with my partner of 8 years and our cat Prince Philip.

Want to know more here is a published story about it that I wrote: Marilyn O’Malley story Falling Into Place 2012

It is my intention to provide the best tools, practices, and structures for my clients to manage their successful, fulfilling and juicy lives without sacrificing themselves.

What is currently blocking your advancement in your personal or professional life doesn’t have to continue!
It is all up to you, are you ready to live your life purpose, deeply fall in love with yourself and attract the money and relationships you desire?

A BIG YES, Sign Up NOW for the training by paying below.
If you have questions or would like a Prosperity Breakthrough Discovery Session
call me at 805 883-8598

After you pay I will connect with you via email with tele-training information.

The Prosperity Breakthrough System 12 Week Training


 A friend of mine recommended that I should see this “different energy healer” who works with healers and creative entrepreneurs who are struggling with money, being seen and heard and professional and personal issues.  As timing is everything, Marilyn was just about to start a 12 week Prosperity Breakthrough training, so I jumped on board.
Only 5 weeks in, I can see and feel my life changing!  My view of the world and myself has changed dramatically.  Even better, my reaction to the outside world is within my control.  I am also able to create or manifest whatever it is I need.  Marilyn is helping me to uncover my deeply hidden beliefs/vows and then override them. I didn’t even know these vows were running my life. With her guidance and tools I am feeling more  empowered to reveal and live my authentic self.  This class is the most amazing transformative journey I’ve ever been on.
I personally come from a healthcare background.  With twenty-five years experience in this industry, I can honestly say that Marilyn is a true healer.  Her sessions are never about “watching the clock”, she is always available for a personal one-on-one issue conversation.
I could never thank Marilyn enough for starting me on a journey that will never end…
~ Adrienne Esposito

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