Embodying Your Prosperity Trainings in Santa Barbara 5/2, 5/3, 5/4

Dear Santa Barbara Friends,
I trust you are all coming up for deep breaths of air, starting to relax a little and expressing your gratitude for having ridden the wave of this April’s energy!
This email is to share some events that I am giving this week (sorry for short notice–part of riding the wave of April’s energy!!). You may be interested or may know someone who would benefit from these offerings. All of the events are Alchemy Arts Center in the Studio. 
The lecture on Friday is an overview of what I will be teaching on the weekend. There will be information for you, your friends and peers to chew on and wrap your mind around to make Friday worth your while if you aren’t already embodying a prosperous mindset and healthy energetic boundaries and practices to support it.
I’m so grateful for your time and sharing. I feel a great passion for helping the Healing & Creative entrepreneurs and professionals change their perception about what they think is possible in their personal and professional lives for creating prosperity….without sacrifice! (in all areas of your life)
I’ve been there and done that and I’m being called to shake up the sh*t for a new prosperity embodiment, which will spill over into the rest of humanity through all of our expressions in the world.  We are here to make a difference in the world and the time is now. It’s time to let go of the old and embody the new!
Call if you have questions: 805 883-8598
Loving you,

It Is Your Right To Be Prosperous!

For Highly Sensitives, Healers, Coaches, and Creative Entrepreneurs and Professionals


with Marilyn O’Malley

Your inner programming is keeping you from expanding your life and business. Learn how to embody your prosperity, now and express your gifts in the world.
It is your birthright to be happy and fulfill your purpose, so that you can make a difference
in the world without sacrificing yourself.

Friday, MAY 2nd

The Alchemy Arts Cafe
35 West Haley Street,
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Sign up at info@alchemyartscenter.com
Tel: 805-899-8811

with Marilyn O’Malley, The Embodying Prosperity Expert

 The Journey To Prosperity & Healing

For Highly Sensitive, Healer, Coach and Creative
Entrepreneurs and Professionals

~for prosperity & healing~

Part 1:
Saturday May 3rd. 1-4pm

-Connect your worthiness to create the prosperity flow
-Get out of fight, flight & freeze and into ease
-Create a sacred prosperity mindset that works for you
-Uncover & breakthrough negative prosperity patterns
-Use structures to keep your mind focused & on your prosperity path.

~for prosperity & healing~

Part  2:
Sunday May 4th. 1-4pm

– Learn how to create Healthy Boundaries
-Heal Blocks & Patterns to your success, well being & prosperity
-Ground, clear, & raise your energy to support abundance & growth
-Be in ease rather then fight, flight or freeze

The Alchemy Arts Cafe
35 West Haley Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Sign up at info@alchemyartscenter.com
Tel: 805-899-8811


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