The Art of Love

The Art of Love

Summer is here in full bloom! When I think about summer outdoor adventures, travel and longer days to play with friends come into my mind. What comes into your mind when you think about the summer?

This summer we will be camping on a road trip to and from Denver, Co.  for The World Lacrosse Games, that my partner Jeff is playing in. The natural beauty on our way through Utah, Colorado, and Arizona in beyond words. If you’ve never been to this area of the world, I highly recommend exploring the desert, canyons, mountains, national parks and forests… Just Awesome! I cried when I first saw all this beauty.

Later we’ll fly back east for a lacrosse tournament in Lake Placid, NY with Jeff’s father  joining us and then Jeff and I will continue on to The 1000 Islands on the Canadian side to play with other family members. The 1000 Islands are so beautiful and each island has it’s own personality. We spend our days swimming in the St. Lawrence River, kayaking/canoeing/sailing around the islands bird watching and exploring, fishing and relaxing.

Enjoy your summer or winter in the Southern Hemisphere!

Whatever time of year, Do What YOU Love!

 The Art of Love

 Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have build against it. ~ Rumi

Your perspective of love determines the level of love you experience in your life and world.

I haven’t always loved  and cherished myself like I do today. I struggled a lot with low self-esteem. In fact I use to believe I was broken, unworthy and not good enough to have the things I desired or even ask for them. I also believed because I was a female I couldn’t be as successful and prosperous as males. Thank God I woke up and am having a love affair with my feminine!

Because I was a highly sensitive I knew intuitively how to take care of my family and others, so they wouldn’t abandon me. Can you relate?

I was in survival mode making sure my divorced mother with three children, 4 years old and under, was not overwhelmed, so she wouldn’t leave us too. I put all my needs on hold and put everyone else’s first.  I became the good girl, the responsible one, the one who would get things done and be perfect to get the love I desired.

For many years I suffered thinking I had to show up as a better version of me than I was. So I kept trying to be what I thought others wanted me to be, to make them happy and then I would be happy.   I hadn’t realized my happiness, feelings of safety, and love starts with me, not from something external from me.

I envision this freedom to create your desires, love, safety, and happiness for you. Needless suffering needs to end.  This is why I do what I do, so you can know the truth as who you really are and know you don’t have to conform in anyway to create what you desire. You have every right to ask for what you want and the power to create it NOW, in your life.

You are born into this world whole; love, worthy, creative, unique and so much more…. It is your childhood programming that has build the barriers against the LOVE that you are. When we are young we are taught that we need get love from others, not that WE ARE LOVE!

Loving YOU,


  The Art of LOVE Principles

1. The ART of LOVE is experiencing a deep connection with your soul through inner work, feeling your feelings, meditation, following your bliss and being present in the moment.

2. The ART of LOVE is knowing you are a loving, powerful, creative, Divine, limitless and worthy spiritual being who co-creates reality with the Universe.

3. The ART of LOVE is accepting what is and stop resisting what shows up in your life, thinking it should be different.  What you resist persists!

4. The ART of LOVE is recognizing your soul’s desires are a powerful, creative and a unique expression of you. If you deny them you are spiritually hurting yourself.

5. The ART of LOVE is deeply caring for your Self in all circumstances knowing that you serve everyone in serving yourself first.

6. The ART of LOVE is to become a witness to our story rather than continue to play out the story. Create a new empowered soul aligned story line.

7. The ART of LOVE is to embrace we are all ONE and at the same time individuals creating our experience and no one is perfect.

8. The ART of LOVE is making daily conscious choices that reflect our truth, not the truth of another.

9. The ART of LOVE is to experience what truly resonates for you in your life, while simultaneously honoring all else that doesn’t resonate as part of the Oneness.

10. The ART of LOVE is applying the knowledge that our internal perception creates our external experiences.

11. The ART of LOVE is connecting daily to the Universe by opening up your unique channels to Spirit and making decisions with your Divine guidance system, your intuition.

12. The ART of LOVE is uncovering and overriding your old beliefs, vows and patterns through a variety of self-exploratory means to fully know, embody and deeply care for your soul’s purpose and voice.

13. The ART of LOVE is allowing your soul’s creativity to be seen and heard in a way that feels expansive to you without any resistance or reliance on the approval of others.

14. The ART of LOVE is to be passionately, boldly and authentically ourselves in every moment of every day!

15. The ART of LOVE is forgiving yourself and others.

16. The ART of LOVE is standing in your brilliance, power, and love even when it feels uncomfortable because those around you aren’t feelings theirs yet. It gives others permission to be themselves.


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