Working with a me is a life-changing experience, allowing you to identify and attain your biggest goals and remove your biggest blocks and challenges. With my help you will make remarkable improvements in your finances, career, relationships, owning your feminine power, happiness and quality of life. All my sessions are customized to your specific situation, need and speed.

After 35 years in holistic healing professions, I have an extensive toolbox to choose from to help you transform your life. Tools I utilize include, but are not limited to, tapping, visualization, inner child work, chakra work, grounding, energy reading, energy clearing, quantum jumping, self-hypnosis, The Passion Test, and structures to build and strengthen your ability for organization, accountability, awareness and making choices.

Pick the session or package that best fits you below and click on the BUY NOW button at the bottom, then call me to schedule your first session (805) 883-8598.
I offer sliding scale pricing for the packages.


stone path

This complementary, no strings attached offer is a 1-on-1, one-time session in a save and nurturing environment via Skype or in person. This session is included in the Transform Your Life 1-on-1 Package

The Discovery Session is designed to determine:

  • The biggest obstacles that are limiting you
  • Your long term and short term goals
  • My recommendations and a strategy with next steps
  • My evaluation of what is possible for you based on the big picture, your skills and goals

PRICE: Free of charge



A Wealth Game Changer

wonder women

Discover What is Creating Your Current Money Challenges & Learn How to Transform Your Money Issues Faster and with Less Stress Than You Thought Possible

Your Personal Money Mapping Package is two-90 minute sessions and a 1 hour follow up session (4 hours total) designed to look at the five types of money (savings, debt, income, income goals, toxic money) and how each of them is specifically mapped out in your nervous system as blocks to creating more wealth, creativity, and life force energy in your life.

Based on your money map, I will identify for you the childhood programming that your are unconsciously conditioned to believe and share with you how it is creating your current financial challenges. You will experience your mind/body connection to money. I will customize EFT Tapping and other experiences to help you stop this limiting mind/body connection and lower your fight/flight stress responses related to money and to your negative self image, so you can transform your life and move forward creating more INCOME, SAVINGS AND PLEASURE in your life being authentically you.

Here is what Jack Canfield, America’s Success Coach, had to say about using Tapping to reprogram your mind for financial success: “Look, here’s the deal, you’re unconsciously focusing on your fear all the time. It’s your subconscious that needs to get reprogrammed. By focusing on it for a little bit of time with EFT we can get rid of it so it’s not unconsciously running you.”

Imagine having 4-6 months savings, paying off your debt, making more money and not being worried about money?

This information changes peoples lives, you don’t need to suffer and struggle any more!

Price: $350

UP-LEVEL Your Life and Your Impact in the World


Your 1-on-1 Coaching Package is a 90-day program with weekly, 60-minute sessions via Skype or in person. Remove the blocks that are keeping you from manifesting the life you desire. The Law of Attraction is always working for you, it is your blocks to your desires that keep you from them. Let’s remove your blocks and let your brilliant soul be expressed!

The sessions are customized for you to learn how to take control of and design your life, how to manage your mind and energy, how to move past your fears and deeply hidden beliefs that are limiting you, and what your purpose or calling is.

The Package includes

  • A total of 12 weekly 60-minute sessions via Skype or in person
  • In depth Discovery Questionnaire
  • Your Money Mapping Session
  • In-Between support sessions available
  • Recorded sessions for your own review and access
  • Transformational Homework assignments
  • Customized special meditations and tapping exercises accessible on your smartphone or computer
  • Access to Instructional videos
  • Access to all my publicly available writings, podcasts and videos

Price: $2400

*** NEW*** Advanced Manifesting

2016 TBA
12 Tuesdays,
Noon EST, 9am PST
1 1/2 hours
Limited to 10


This special package for sensitive coaches, leaders, professionals, body workers, creatives, who are aware of manifesting but still struggling with consistency and subconscious programming keeping them stuck. I will guide you through 8 weeks of a powerful manifesting process and clearing of vows that are keeping you from manifesting what you desire.

These sessions are designed to teach you how to heal and manage your mind and energy, so you will manifest professional and personal success and happiness. We will transform your negative vows, blocks, and habits that have been keeping the real you suppressed and fearful.

Price: $599

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