Tapping to Release the Fears of Rejection, Inadequacy and Powerlessness

Tapping to Release the Fears of Rejection, Inadequacy and Powerlessness

Do you have a fear of rejection?
(I’m alone, worthless, unlovable, misunderstood…)
Do you have a fear of inadequacy?
(I’m not good, smart, rich, sexy, skinny, perfect, fast…enough)
Do you have a fear of powerlessness?
(I can’t trust, be heard, be seen, do what I want…I have no control…)

Well you’re not alone if you do. 

These 3 fears are deeply seated and are formed early in childhood. This is why you don’t feel safe! This is why you are triggered in your relationships and in social media. The fears can be buried  in your subconscious mind and play out through your thoughts, feelings and actions without your awareness.

These fears keep you from being successful and willing to change your life for the better.

I’ve created an EFT tapping session for you to release the mind/body energy around these fears to help you start to feel safer to make changes that serve you in your life and business. Watch the video or listen to the iTunes podcast below.

The fears are explained, as well as, instructions for the tapping session.

Let me know how it worked for you and what you discovered about yourself in the comments below or email me.

If you want to discuss fears more deeply, call me for a discovery session.


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