Tapping – How exactly and why does it work?

Tapping – How exactly and why does it work?

I talk a lot about tapping and share my Youtube videos with you and today I thought I’d share how tapping works and why it is an amazing tool for you to use the rest of your life to help you break through any blocks you have and heal your past.

Tapping stops your body from going into fight/ flight stress mode. It is important for you to not be in stress 24/7. We have an epidemic of stress that is prematurely aging our bodies and brains as well as contributing to a wide variety of diseases. The American Psychological Association states that “reducing your stress levels can not only make you feel better right now, but may also protect your health long-term.” (Read the article HERE.)

Giving your body a chance to de-stress is essential to be healthy

Stress can literally kill you if you don’t give your body a chance to heal.

Our culture is wearing stress as a badge of honor. We walk around saying “I’m so tired, overwhelmed, overworked and I don’t have control of my life,” as if it was something to be proud of. The truth is stress depletes your energy, creativity, life force energy, charisma, and connection to the world around you and you are contributing this energy to others around you.

Stress is killing you, your creativity, your relationships, and your business success. There is a misconception in our society that being busy and stressed out equals being valuable. And you want to feel valued, needed, and connected so you do what makes you feel a part of the tribe you surround yourself with.

This Healing & Stress Reduction Meditation is a great way to end or start the day!

What is Stress?
Stress is anything that triggers you amygdala. The amygdala is part of the limbic brain, the very primordial part of the brain. It is the part of you that is always looking out for danger. The amygdala is there to protect us from anything that could hurt us. In the early days of man they had to be aware of animals that could harm them like saber-toothed Tigers. When the amygdala senses danger it puts the body into a stress response called fight or flight. When we get stressed the hypothalamus then communicates with the pituitary gland and turns on the adrenal gland and the body fills with cortisol and epinephrine. This allows us to use the rush of the body’s energy to keep ourselves alive and safe; to fight or run.

Here is what is important to know about stress:

Every worry and anxious or fearful thought you have that feels threatening to you is triggering your amygdala the same way as if a tiger was attacking you, putting your body into fight or flight. Your body can’t tell the difference between the reality of being attacked by a tiger or just a simple thought of stress. Putting your body into a constant state of stress can eventually kill you by fatiguing and shutting down your hormone production, which in turn will harm your organs and so on. Stress kills.

Here is my brand new Tapping to Remove Stress video. Try it now.

Here are ways we are stressing ourselves everyday!

  • feeling judged or attacked by others
  • selling out for money
  • people pleasing when you can’t say “NO” and feeling resentful
  • to do lists that are unreasonable
  • repressed anger or pleasure
  • making yourself busy to look good
  • unhealthy relationships
  • money worries
  • thinking unconsciously you’re not safe
  • being what you think everyone else wants you to be
  • thinking something is wrong with you, you’re not good enough, unworthy, or unwanted
  • perfectionism
  • unhealthy and cluttered environments
  • chaos, drama, confusion, doubt, overwhelm
  • thinking you have no control over your life or the choices in it

Healing happens when the body is relaxed.

Photo @ Simon Schmitt

Photo @ Simon Schmitt / Your body needs a chance to de-stress so that normal body functions can proceed.

You are either stressed using the sympathetic nervous system or you are relaxed using the parasympathetic nervous system. Your body can’t heal itself if you are stressed. It shuts down all the mechanisms that aren’t necessary for survival like digestion, immune and reproduction functions and systems. The sympathetic and parasympathetic systems don’t function at the same time.

So, your body is either fighting or fleeing for survival or it is restoring, nurturing, and healing itself.  To be healthy you want to make sure the body is relaxed as much as possible so it has the capability to heal and function properly.

You can put the body into relaxation with meditation, visualization, laughter, orgasm, playing with animals, being in nature, and tapping. Some of these activities last for a short time and you can soon be back in stress mode. So make sure you use grounding, tapping, meditation several times during the day.

Try this Oxytocin Breathing exercise to calm you down.

To be more relaxed throughout your day with vitality, and capacity to handle what shows up, you need to address the issues that are triggering you into stress. That means you have to look at your life, your thoughts and beliefs and find out what is stressing you out and address them.

Here is how Tapping helps you heal:

Tapping is a great self-empowering tool that you can use anywhere, at anytime to release your underlying limiting beliefs that are causing you stress and putting you into fight or flight. It activates the body’s self-healing mechanism. It is really important to identify your root beliefs like, “I am not safe, the world isn’t a safe place, I’m not good enough, or I can’t have what I desire without sacrificing myself…” to release the rood causes of stress.

While you are tapping, you focus on the thoughts and feelings that are stressing you out. Tapping helps your body release the feelings of danger that are triggering the amygdala. Just from your action of paying positive attention to yourself with care shifts your feeling of danger. When you have positive beliefs and nurture and care for yourself, your stress reduces and the amygdala calms down allowing the relaxation response to turn on.

Here is a guided tapping session to stop the fight or flight response. Try it at home or in a save environment first, then use it whenever you feel like your body is reacting with fight/flight.

Tapping releases the healing hormones and activates the healing mechanisms of the parasympathetic system. Hormones communicate with your cells to take you from fight or flight into relaxation and healing. The hormones cortisol and epinephrine are replaced by oxytocin and endorphis to start healing the body.

When you tap on the endpoints of meridians while addressing the root triggers of your stress you send a signal to the amygdala that you’re no longer in danger. You can feel stress, anxiety, fears, and doubt release. You’re transforming negative deeply rooted programming that signals danger to the amygdala to be gone.

The Bottom Line
Stop wearing stress as a badge of honor, it isn’t!

Stress keeps you from healing and having a healthy mind, body and spirit. To be healthy and creative you need to stop the stress response and be more in the relaxation response. You have choices, which require you to become more mindful of what is important to you and what is harming you. You can choose to practice new relaxation techniques and use tapping to release the old patterns that are creating stress in your life.

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