Tap Away Your Doubts & Fears!

Tap Away Your Doubts & Fears!
You know when you are making changes in your life and it is feeling really good and then all of a sudden doubt and fears punch you in the stomach, back or chest?
~ Your critical and disappointed voice starts questioning everything you are doing and dreaming. 
~ People around you share their unsolicited opinions of why they wouldn’t go where you going. 
~ Your ego starts bringing up past experiences and why you promised you wouldn’t put yourself out there again. 
~ Your excitement starts to dwindle as you start to self-sabotage your progress.
This tapping session is to neutralize those negative feelings and thoughts, so you can keep moving forward towards your goal.
And Part 2, is to increase your happy hormones and affirm your ability to transform your life!
Click on the titles of these videos and use multiple times for best results!
1. Tapping for doubts and fears that show up while transforming your life
 2. Part Two: Tapping for positive transformation

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