Stress Is Caused By Your Imagination

Stressed is caused by your imagination when outside a true physical threat, like a animal attack or hurricane.

Stress is defined as the body’s physical response to a perceived demand or threat.
There is good stress that generates energy to meet your goals and then there is unhealthy stress that taxes your mind and body.

Your mind doesn’t know the difference between real and make believe stressors.
When you imagine the pain of loosing someone close to you, your body will start to react as if it were really happening right now.
Go ahead and close your eyes and try it.
After that focus on the happiest time of your life and your mind will redirect your body to
experience what it remembers or you imagine of that time.

Threat or demand can be triggered by feelings of lack in any of these area,
time, money, energy, patience, intelligence, and support of others.

What we imagine is “true” for any situation, determines how we feel about it.
Yes! It is not the events in your life that causing you to be stressed out, it is the meaning you put on those events.
The meaning you put on any situation that doesn’t feel safe will start a fight or flight reaction in your body.

What creates stressful perceptions or stuck energy?

  • attention on negative thinking & self talk rather than focus on positive possibilities;  there is not enough of something, you can’t handle it, don’t want it, any limiting thoughts…
  • stuck on details rather than big picture, perfectionist, over thinking
  • rigid thinking instead of possibilities; black/white, abundance/lack, always/never
  • made up stories from past experiences that you project onto a present situation

What drives your emotional reaction about what happens to you, moment to moment, is a result of your past programing, judgements, and memories. You’ve learned through association and modeling how to cope in life by your family, school, friends, culture, media, religion…

Most of your learning came early in life from significant people in your life who most likely had no idea what they were modeling or teaching you. They knew what they knew. No blame!
So, I would suggest that what you’ve learned and believe are most likely not supporting you right now, because they are limiting your perception of yourself.

Each of us is unique as to what stresses us and how stress shows up physically, mentally and emotionally.
That is why children raised in the same household can have completely different memories about the family and what took place.
You take all that energy, information, emotions, events, people and mix it all together and you will never come up with the same receipt for life.

What are the common stressors:

  • finances
  • life events: death, moving, births, divorce & change
  • relationships
  • physical environment
  • health
  • career

To lower your stress level it would benefit you to look at each area of the common stressors and find out what your beliefs and perception are about them. Clear the stuck energy of the old perception that no longer support and serves you and create a more positive one to replace the old.

An example would be:

  • finances:
    I can never get ahead, something always comes up that I have to pay for when I get finally have some money saved.  There is never more than enough (stuck energy).
    Clear that belief and start seeing yourself as able to create wealth in your life. Imagine yourself with enough, happy, having what you desire and yet blessed with what you have now.  Start appreciating all that you do have and start thinking about how wealth can serve you and others. Where is the excitement about having more than enough.
    Ask how you can be of greater service helping others. Being with this vision will raise your energy level and start drawing to you different experiences that will support you reaching your vision (ideas, people, offers…).

So, believe it or not you get to decide how you want to perceive your world, rather than just react to situations. Change starts with YOU!

You get to decide whether the old beliefs/perceptions still serve you and if they don’t, you get to clear them and make new ones up?
Question your beliefs.

Use your unlimited imagination to create new perceptions supporting your peace of mind, happiness, health, wealth and success!

Other stress releasers: do everyday!!!!!

  • get out into nature, hike, garden, swim
  • ground yourself
  • surround yourself with positive, loving, healthy and grateful people
  • move, exercise, get your energy moving
  • breathe
  • laugh, sing, play, write, dance
  • sex
  • massage, spa treatments,
Motivating, Facilitating and Celebrating Influencers’ Magnificence!
Marilyn O’Malley, Life Energy Coaching

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