Avoiding the ILLUSION of Progress…

Avoiding the ILLUSION of Progress…

Here is a blog post from one of my mentors, Andy Shaw. I recommended his two books  “Creating A Bug Free Mind” & “Using A Bug Free Mind.”

He is incredible at spotting how we fool ourselves with our thoughts and keep ourselves stuck.

I’m sharing this article with you because this is one of the most frequent conversations I have with potential clients. People may think and say to me, “I know this stuff!” to which I usually respond, “Yes, you think you know this stuff, but you are not living it and therefore you really don’t KNOW IT.”

Just because you have information doesn’t mean you use that information to make choices to live it. The ego doesn’t like change and it likes to trick you into thinking you’ve changed when you really haven’t.

Learning is not the same as applying it to your life. This is where your ego is tricking you into living an illusion and you keep thinking something is wrong with you because you haven’t made the progress you think you should have with that knowledge.

Learn and apply what Andy Shaw has to share.

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Click here: Avoiding The ILLUSION of Progress…

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