Stop thinking your way through life and start feeling it!

Stop thinking your way through life and start feeling it!

I’m sitting under two oak trees in the back mountain country of Santa Barbara.  Blue jays and sparrows are talking to each other and I’m feeling happy and grateful for the hike I just finished.

Image @ Kevin Young Connect with Nature and check in with your Feelings

Image @ Kevin Young
Connect with Nature and check in with your Feelings

When my partner Jeff decided to go on a mountain bike ride and asked if I wanted to come along my feelings were initially torn.  I wanted to be with him and have fun in nature but I also wanted to stay at home and follow my desire to write. So I started thinking, how can I do both? Then Jeff came up with the idea for me to come along and go for a hike or small bike ride and then write on one of the picnic tables.

I paid attention to my feelings and desires.

I didn’t need to know “how.”

I just needed to ask for what I wanted and the answer to ‘how’ was revealed.

That is one example of how paying attention to your feelings will guide you in your day. Your feelings connect you to yourself, others and your environment more than your thinking.

Image @ Steve Carter Pay attention to your Feelings to Guide You

Image @ Steve Carter
Pay attention to your Feelings to Guide You

In this weeks video blog I give you six steps to help you start feeling more, because your feelings are more powerful and self aware than your thinking.

Your thinking only knows what you’ve experienced in the past. It doesn’t know anything about the infinite possibilities available to you in your future. Thinking about what you are feeling instead of feeling what you are feeling dulls ALL your senses and drains you of your overall enjoyment of life. It may diminish your feelings of pain but it also limits you feeling joyful and connected, loved and loving, empathy, happiness and fulfillment in life.

When you are feeling you are more intuitive, creative, attractive, charismatic, focused, conscious, empowered, and in the present moment and make better decisions aligned with your true desires.

Why you think more than feel is explained in the video, but briefly it is because you were taught that thought is more valuable than your feelings. Education, media and culture have reflected this back to you. Science and spirituality are teaching you how upside-down and limiting those beliefs are. Artist and coach Sandy McMullen is busting the myth that thinking is more valuable than feeling in her piece “Thinking is not Superior to Feeling.” and you can find many other articles about thinking vs. feeling online.

Image @ Rocksana Rocksana Feelings are just as valuable or more so than though

Image @ Rocksana Rocksana
Feelings are just as valuable or more so than thought

As a result of believing that thinking is more valuable you’ve grown up feeling really vulnerable sharing your feelings unless you decide they are worthy and safe to share.

Are you not sure if what you are feeling is actually your own voice or influenced by other people’s energy? Get a guided tapping session to manage your energy and create boundaries from other people’s energy to keep you feelings pure.

Starting to valuing your feelings will feel uncomfortable but as this knowledge spreads and your experiences validate the truth for yourself you will create a new way of communicating that is more authentic and valuable to everyone.

Let me know your comments after watching the video and share any Ah-Has!

6 Steps to Help you Become more Comfortable with Feeling:

1. KNOW that thinking is limiting you and that feeling will give you more information and energy to work with.

Reprogram this limiting belief into believing that “Every day I feel more and more because it empowers me for my highest good!”

2. Clear your energy field daily, even multiple times a day. As energetic beings we are always picking up and giving off energy. As highly sensitive you can take on other people’s energy as your own.

Clearing your energy field will allow you to discover how you feel when not being influenced by the people around you. Go to my blog “How to Clear Energetic Clutter & Create Healthy Boundaries” to get extra help with this step. 

3. Notice what emotions come up in your day and how you deal with them. Do you honor them, criticize yourself for having them, override them, or blame others for them?

4. Check in with yourself and ask, “What am I feeling?”, multiple times a day to get into the habit of paying attention to your feelings.

5. Honor your feelings. They are giving you information about yourself, others and your environment.

6. Before you make a decision, ask yourself to feel into the different options as if it had happened already and see how it feels in your body. Does it feel supportive, in the flow, expansive, elevating, loving, fun, exciting or does it feel shaky, detached, constrictive, painful, numbing, muddy, chaos, limiting, fearful…etc? And then make your decision from that information.

P.S. Check out for great tools and exercises and let me know how they are working for you!

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