Stop the Process of Doubt


If you don’t feel save being yourself, it’s almost impossible to manifest what you want in your life!

I know, I’m sure you’ve heard that before, but have you really contemplated that? Have you done the work it takes to really go down to the deep roots of your insecurities stemming from childhood programming and vows?

Many therapists, instructors, teachers, coaches, artists, entertainers etc. are trying to help their clients or friends through thinking and being outside their body instead of being inside their body, where their powers to create are.

Last year I offered a program where I guided students to work through the chakras, clearing them from the bottom up so that the line of creation can be clear and uninterrupted from the top back down.

One of those students was Lori Santo.

After working through the program, she had this to share:

“As a Highly Sensitive Person and a newly certified life coach, I found it daunting to find a coach who truly “gets it” regarding all things “Highly Creative, and Highly Sensitive.”  I have worked with many coaches over the years, and many mentors, and I am not an easy audience.  I come with a lot of depth and intensity, and I am picky.


Marilyn was able, through her Chakra clearing coaching group, to dissect, and help me to personally discern, the parts of me that I have been neglecting.  I was able to directly access a lot of my personal power, and she walked me through a few processes to assist me in overcoming the parts of me that are so highly critical and volatile…”


Lori is just one of many coaches who were honest with themselves and realized that in order to make a greater impact with her clients, she had to first take charge of her own insecurities and do the work.

On September 22, I will offer a similar course to healers of all walks of life.

Watch the video below to get more information about the “Healthy & Wealthy Training for Healers” that starts September 22nd. A few spots are still available, but I only accept 10 people in the group, so don’t miss this opportunity!


Use the below coupon to claim the special price of only $599,- for the whole 12-week program.

Click here to get more details on the course and Chakras we’ll be working through.

GROUP SPECIAL: Healthy & Wealthy Training for Healers

12-Week Training for only $599,-.
Expires September 18, 2015

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